Assetto Corsa Competizione may have its biggest update ever in the works

Biggest ACC Update Ever on the Way

Assetto Corsa Competizione

It’s no secret that Assetto Corsa Competizione is coming to the end of its life and updates are slow. But Kunos Simulazioni may have one more update up its sleeve for ACC, which they claim will be the biggest they have ever had.

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Ever since the release of its latest DLC, the American Track Pack, Assetto Corsa Competizione has seemingly been forgotten by its dev team. Kunos Simulazioni has offered little to no information on the game since last summer and updates have been few and far between.

But what if the silence was for a reason? What if the team behind the game was in the process of putting together a large update? Surely some time away from the headlines would be justified.

It seems that it is indeed what is going on. After Kunos recently hired a new Community Manager, the newcomer kicked off an AMA session on Reddit. As one would expect, the community jumped on the occasion to ask questions about even the most secretive of developments in the works for ACC. Many of which, the new team member Rwaggy responded to sincerely.

What do we Know About the Future of ACC?

A few weeks ago, we posted an article detailing several cars set to join Assetto Corsa Competizione in 2023. With half a dozen cars officially announced for the sim this year, two further DLC packs are likely. One will being the GT2 category to the game while a second will focus on the 2023 GT World Challenge season’s cars.

At the time, this was thought to be the extent of what Kunos will add to ACC before moving to Assetto Corsa 2 development. However, we learnt in the aforementioned AMA session that a full development roadmap is soon to be published.

ACC is getting its biggest update ever very soon
ACC is getting its biggest update ever very soon

It is fair to assume that more than just car packs are on their way to ACC. Indeed, Rwaggy confirmed the upcoming release of an update “which is the BIGGEST update ACC has ever had.”

This certainly falls in the category of great marketing terms of hyping up a release. But the last thing Kunos wants is to over sell and under deliver just before moving on to a new project. So the question is, what could this ‘biggest ACC update ever’ have in store?

ACC Update to Address Community Concerns

Following on from yesterday’s discussion, the community gathered once again on Reddit today to discuss what this update might include. While many suggestions are fairly ridiculous, others give a good insight into what ACC players are missing.

The most obvious addition players are hoping for in the new ACC update is more tracks. Since the 2020 season, the game has consistently left out tracks from key championships. Magny Cours, Valencia and Hockenheim all featured in GT World Challenge over the past few years yet don’t feature in the sim. Elsewhere, the American Track Pack included just three of a possible seven from the 2021 championship.

It seems another common gripe for fans is VR and its optimisation. More and more simracers are moving to this new way of racing meaning game developers must work hard to integrate it. ACC is arguably one of the worst games in VR on the current market due to its already heavy demand on PC resources.

Two popular complaints about the game are the lack of populated competitive servers and the current damper system. Both of these have received attention from the Kunos team. Rwaggy, the new ACC Community Manager confirmed that the team is not working on an internal competitive system, rather letting LFM do its thing. On the other hand, Kunos developer Aris has reportedly mentioned work surrounding a total damper overhaul in the past.

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