BS+ acquire women's Rocket League champions

BS+ acquire women’s Rocket League champions

After joining the Rocket League scene in April, esports racing team BS+COMPETITION have now acquired the European women’s champions, the British outfit catJAM.

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BS+COMPETITION announced that they have acquired an immensely successful Rocket League squad. However, this team doesn’t compete in the Rocket League Championship Series, but rather in the Women’s Car Ball Championship.

The Munich-based esports team has enjoyed success in varying forms of four-wheel esports. After initially competing in esports racing across many championships, this year they expanded into both Rocket League and Trackmania.

We previously reported on BS+ expanding into the Trackmania Grand League. They signed several players including Winter 2021 Open Grand League champion AurΓ©lien ‘Dofault‘ Desplanque. This came only a few months after they joined the Rocket League Championship Series, when they acquired the pre-existing Godsmilla’s Team and with it, a roster that includes former Veloce Esports RLCS pro Sandro ‘FreaKii‘ Holzwarth.

BS+ have now acquired another pre-existing Rocket League team. UK-based catJAM are the reigning champions in the European Women’s Car Ball Championship. Their roster is made up of two of the players who sealed the championship, those being Millie ‘Duckz‘ Ward and Sophie ‘Stvn‘ Stevenson, and they will be joined by the new signing Bella ‘Crimson‘ Selwood.

The team haven’t been going long but they have firmly established themselves as the ones to beat in the WCBC scene. Their success in the European tournament – which saw them win in a 4-0 sweep – netted them the majority a $5,000 prize pool.

With a team like BS+ who are already very much established in the RLCS acquiring the team, it brings more big names to the WCBC. The series also recieved a boost when Rocket League developers Psyonix became involved in the championship as a sponsor.

Currently, the Women’s Car Ball Championship are in their off-season but be sure to follow their official Twitch channel and Twitter so you can keep up to date as to when their new season starts.

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