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BTCC Game is Still in the Works – MSG CEO

Motorsport Games CEO Dmitry Kozko has revealed more information about the upcoming BTCC game, as well as about the NASCAR: Ignition series.

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After Motorsport Games acquired the license for the British Touring Car Championship, some simracing fans were excited for the prospect of a standalone game for the series. However, earlier this year, the company removed the game from their roadmap. This, along with the arrival of BTCC content in rFactor 2, led many to believe that the standalone game would never see the light of day.

However, that perception may have just been flipped on its head once more. Initially, Motorsport Games planned to release the BTCC game in 2022. It seems that this will not happen, but Motorsport Games CEO Dmitry Kozko has indicated that the game is still in the works.

Will There Really be a Standalone BTCC Game?

In a recent earnings call for the first quarter of the 2022 financial year, Kozko issued the following statement:

And besides the new official NASCAR and INDYCAR games in 2023, we also anticipate the launch of our Le Mans video game, helping fans celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the iconic 24-hour Le Mans with a virtual interactive experience that the games provide. Later this month, we plan to provide additional news when our BTCC game will be expected to launch.

So, it would appear that the BTCC game is indeed still alive. As for the new prospective release date, it’s anybody’s guess. The statement on BTCC comes towards the end of a section detailing the company’s plans for 2023, so some time next year seems to be the most likely candidate for the game’s release. However, this is far from certain.

Kozko Expands on NASCAR: Ignition Plans

Despite the myriad difficulties that the launch of NASCAR 21: Ignition was met with, the company hasn’t given up on the title. There are still plans for improvements to the game, as well as for its release on console platforms next month. Rather than an entirely new game for the 2022 season, Motorsport Games instead plans to release a DLC for NASCAR 21 which will include the 2022 cars.

Part of the reason for the 2022 season being an expansion rather than a whole game is due to the fact that the majority of the development team has already shifted focus to the 2023 game. Kozko indicated that the company plans to “reset the expectation” for the series after recent negative reviews. To do so, development has begun early for the 2023 title, which ought to represent a significant upheaval.

Also included in Kozko’s speech regarding the NASCAR: Ignition series are two interesting statements. First, Motorsport Games plans to release the 2022 DLC in September of this year, and it will include “some additional features” as well. Also, the company does “not plan to charge full game price for the 2022 season expansion”.

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