Discover the latest news about your favorite topics: Here you can find everything about racing games and the newest happenings in the sim racing scene – from tournament previews to driver line-up changes.
Always stay up to date with everything esports racing in our news section. Here, we cover all news about the latest racing games. You want to know something about the latest F1 2020 patch or all information on Forza Horizon 4? Then our news section is definitely for you!

Our news articles also feature all current changes in the gaming industry, like the acquisition of developer giant Codemasters, and awesome collaborations within the racing scene, such as Ducati and League of Legends or Jaguar and GT Sport.

If you’re more a sim racing fan, our news section is for you as well. We cover all relevant sim racing tournaments, team developments, new driver records of your favorite sim racers as well as the latest sim racing drama.

Learn about the heroes of sim racing as we report on gaming and esports awards such as the Autosport awards, the VCO Simmy or the Game Awards and their respective winners. All racing-related developments in 2021, like which events to look forward to or which competitions to watch, are also covered in our articles.
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