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Our articles & columns section offers you an in-depth look at everything racing games – from arcade games to sim racing. Here you can find interviews, opinion pieces and much more!
Of course, esports racing would be nothing without its racers and their community! Therefore, we regularly shed light on important sim racers and share their experience in interviews or features. Every month, we award the Hero of the Month title to a worthy candidate from the sim racing scene and publish a portrait about them. You can find inspiration from your racing heroes and their stories – for example from Emily ‘Emree’ Jones.

Our portraits also help you learn more about the life of a professional esports racer like iRacing World Champion Sebastian Job, or find out about the experience of Veloce Esports manager Tobin Leigh. We even feature motor sport stars such as Formula 1 driver and Twitch streamer Lando Norris.

Our column section is where we reflect on the esports racing scene as a whole: Here, you can find experts’ predictions and opinions about key points in the industry, such as the growth of Asia Pacific’s esports racing scene, how to improve F1 Esports or inclusivity of sim racing.

Our exclusive interviews are your way to get to know the stars of the F1 or iRacing a little better. We ask them about their thoughts on the biggest tournaments, recent success stories and ambitions within the sport. Professionals like Roman Grosjean and Jarno Opmeer find their place in this category just as much as content creators like random callsign or Gamermuscle.

Beside the professional world, our articles also shine the limelight on very specific niches such as the drifting community or virtual photography in racing games. Gaming franchises – like Forza Horizon 4 – are also subject of our columns.
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