You want to get faster in your favorite racing game? Perfect! This section teaches you everything you need to know, featuring some of the best esports racers in the world!
You want to improve your sim racing skills? Then this section is absolutely for you! Here you can find guides on your favorite racing games such as F1 2020, GT Sport, Forza Horizon 4, iRacing and many more. We don’t just show you the best beginner tips for sim racing. Our guides can even help the most experienced sim racing veterans. They cover a wide range of topics: From “How to master the Silverstone circuit” and “How to manage your tires in F1 2020” to a guide on how to sim race on a budget.

We have tutorials for all kinds of games: from iRacing to ACC, MotoGP and F1 2020. Content creator Jaroslav ‘Jardier’ Honzík is our expert for all things AC, whether it’s beginner tips or maximizing your racing potential. Beside him, MotoGP World Champion AndrewZH will get you ready for perfect lap times and in-game settings in the championship’s official racing game. With Max Benecke, another world champion will walk you through his expertise in iRacing, teaching you how to observe and memorize every track to perfect your racing skills. However, if you’re more into F1, pro racer Cem Bölükbaşi mentors you and teaches you how to prepare for a race, maximize your speed and overtake opponents.

For the casual gamers among you, we also reveal the newest tips and tricks in your favorite arcade or rallycross racing games. For the open world game Forza Horizon 4, drifting expert and YouTuber HokiHoshi takes over the wheel and shows you how to tune and prepare to get the perfect drift. We also provide the latest information on newer releases such as DIRT 5 or Cyberpunk. In addition, get some inspiration for track building in Nintendo’s innovative release Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.
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