Communication issues in Leclerc’s relationship

Communication issues in Leclerc’s relationship

Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend locked herself out. To get back inside she had to be creative.

The world of esports racing is often a desolate and lonely place. Just a driver and their car. Full concentration and complete silence in one’s hotlap. This was apparently also the case when Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc streamed for his Twitch audience last Saturday. He was fully absorbed in the ongoing race.

Much to the dismay of his girlfriend Charlotte Sine who locked herself out of the apartment. This led to a funny situation on stream that cost her a few bucks.

As seen in the video Charlotte had to make a subscription in order to get Leclerc’s attention. At least she can now use custom emotes in the chat.

The happiness on the face of Charles as he realizes, he gained a new subscriber speaks for the engagement of the Monegasque driver when it comes to streaming. Ever since the start of COVID-19 Ferrari’s youngster has doubled his views and almost tripled his followers. Maybe this incident will lead Leclerc to install a louder doorbell.

Photo credit: Codemasters