Circuit Superstars Studio and iRacing to Develop Arcade Racer

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Circuit Superstars developers Original Fire Games and iRacing have announced a working partnership to develop an entry level racing game with the working title 'iRacing Arcade'.

The team behind iRacing have been expanding their presence in the casual racing game and console market as of recent. The World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing game developed by Monster Games is set for a follow-up in time for a September release, and the studio are now also working on a NASCAR 2025 game. iRacing have also been dabbling in sci-fi settings with the upcoming ExoCross title by Orontes Games, releasing later this month on July 23.

Now though, another venture from iRacing Motorsport Simulations into the arcade market comes in the form of a partnership with Original Fire Games, the studio behind Circuit Superstars and Karting Superstars. They intend to release a game blending the elements of Circuit Superstars and iRacing, with a preliminary release window of 2025.

iRacing Arcade?​

According to the announcement post on the iRacing website, this new game will be developed primarily by the Original Fire Games team who worked on Circuit Superstars, but with design and development support from the iRacing team.

Featured within this new title will be expansions to features within Circuit Superstars, including an expansive career mode and other diverse options aimed to be accessible to players of all ages. Whilst not explicitly stated, it does appear to hint at incorporating the real-world cars and tracks we have become accustomed to in iRacing, but with the accessibility for everyone to get started on their sim racing journey.

Carolina Mastretta, Co-Founder and Studio Director at Original Fire Games is excited about the new working relationship:

"Original Fire Games is very excited to partner with iRacing to bring motorsport fans a new game in 2025. What we created with Circuit Superstars showed us that there is a hunger for arcade-like racing experiences that are true to motorsport.

As an industry leader of the sim racing space for nearly two decades, iRacing has talent, expertise and technology that can help us catalyse the potential of the foundation we’ve built so far. iRacing has been successfully venturing into new racing genres and they recognized the potential of our debut title.

This convergence of our two companies presents a fantastic opportunity to craft our finest game yet."

Fear not, fans of Circuit Superstars though, as all previous products from Original Fire Games will not be acquired by iRacing. With this future project underway with the expectation of a 2025 release, iRacing Motorsport Simulations president Tony Gardner has stated that this new title will be made with the hope of being the first step for new players to start getting into high level sim racing.

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A business prerogative is to grow, and if they have hit the ceiling for expansion of their user base in iracing then they need to expand their product line.

It would be misguided to then make a product that competes against their main platform, and risky to step to far away from what they know.

So, arcade racing games and consoles makes sense.

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