Codemasters' F1 2021 has a release date!

Codemasters’ F1 2021 has a release date!

The Formula 1 game by Codemasters and EA presents a revamped career mode and two-player careers.

Photo credit: Codemasters

F1 2021 is going to hit the market on Wednesday, 16 July on PC as well as the old and new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The release date of the official Formula 1 simulation was announced by developer Codemasters and publisher EA on Thursday evening. A revamped story mode, two-player career and a real-season start feature are the highlights of the game. However, the new tracks of the 2021 season will not be able on release.

New story mode is the highlight, new tracks to be added after release

“How far will you go before you reach your braking point”, asks the trailer for F1 2021. “Braking Point” is going to be the name of the reworked story mode. Developer Codemasters promises an “epic journey” in which players once again have to make their way from Formula 2 to the top of Formula 1. In doing so, they are meant to “experience the lifestyle both on and off the track”, an announcement on publisher EA’s website reads. Also, fictional character Devon Butler, known from F1 2019’s career mode, is going to make his return in F1 2021. More information will be released “in the coming weeks”.

Another new feature will be the two-player career, in which friends can either compete cooperatively or competitively. With “real-season start”, a brand-new game mode is making its debut. Here, racers jump into the action of the real F1 season by reflecting the live standings and then taking over a driver seat to drive the remaining races.

However, the newest track additions to the F1 calendar, Portimao, Imola and Jeddah, will not be available on release but added as free post-launch content later on.

My Team returns in F1 2021

F1 2021 will once more include well-known game modes such as My Team, two-player split screen, short seasons, accessible options and Formula 2. According to the game announcement, multiplayer, scalable assist options and driver stats are going to be refined.

The game is the first Formula 1 title to be released on the new console generation including Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It is also the first game to be released under the flag of publisher EA, after the Californian company acquired developer studio Codemasters in February 2021. Pre-orders are now available. Find more information on EA’s official website.

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