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Codemasters Employees Laid Off Ahead Of Christmas

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With the releases of F1 23 and EA Sports WRC complete, employees of developer Codemasters are laid off ahead of Christmas. What this means for both titles is not clear yet.

Racing game developers do not have an easy time in late 2023, it seems. After Motorsport Games laid off 40% of its staff, Kunos Simulazioni’s parent company Digital Bros. reduced its workforce by 30%. However, the latter did not affect Kunos themselves, as per information available to OverTake. Still, it might have led to a bit of a scare for some.

Now, Codemasters also sees employees no longer being with the studio, which Electronic Arts has taken over in early 2021. EA has confirmed this on inquiry of OverTake, giving the following statement:

Our business is constantly changing as we strive to deliver amazing games and services that keep our players engaged, connected, and inspired. At times, this requires the company to make small-scale organizational changes that align our teams and resources to meet evolving business needs and priorities. We continue to work closely with those affected by these changes, providing appropriate support throughout this process.

EA statement regarding layoffs at Codemasters

Some comments in the community suggest that this could be business as usual after the release of titles. However, Codemasters employees being laid off right before Christmas has to be difficult for those affected either way. The number of employees that are being let go has not been disclosed.

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Codemasters Employees Laid Off: Effect On F1 & WRC Unknown

Codemasters’ 2023 projects included F1 23, which launched in June and has accompanied the real F1 season since. After considerable speculation about when the announcement may come, EA Sports WRC was finally revealed in early September. The first official WRC title under the EA banner released two months later.

Both titles faced their share of issues upon release, leading to mixed receptions in the community. For EA Sports WRC in particular, developers are working to resolve these issues. In fact, the next update is expected to be deployed on December 14, although no info on what it includes is available yet.

Meanwhile, the list of F1 23 problems has shrunk considerably in recent months. With Codemasters employees laid off, could the pace of these fixes slow down? The upcoming months will tell.

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