Real Racing 3 features F1 2020 season

Real Racing 3 features F1 2020 season

Racing fans can now play Formula 1 on the go with the new Real Racing 3 update.

Photo credit: Twitter Real Racing 3

Mobile racing is on the rise, because what’s better than going for a quick spin or winning a Grand Prix on your trip to work? To celebrate 70 years of Formula 1, Electronic Arts launches a new season on Real Racing 3. The F1 2020 edition for the mobile game comes with all new drivers, cars, events – and new scores, freshly produced by Dim Mak Records. The studio was founded by Steve Aoki and features a range of artists, which some of them contributed to the new Real Racing content.

The most appreciated content of the new F1 2020 season seems to be Monaco as the community is going crazy after the newest circuit addition.

For those who prefer to play the F1 Mobile Racing game instead of the Real Racing version: no worries, Codemasters steps up the competitive mobile racing game and hosts their first championship.


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