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Executing that perfect pass after setting it up for multiple laps has to be one of the most exciting and satisfying elements of sim racing. We have asked you to share your best overtakes last week - here are some of the most impressive ones!

All overtakes are not equal, as rather uneventful DRS-assisted passes down a straight in F1 can attest to. The ones that are pulled of out of nowhere, against strong competition or in places that should theoretically be impossible are those that make jaws drop, pulses of the drivers rise and sometimes even make the opposition congratulate on a nice move.

Without further ado, here are some of the most impressive passes you have sent in in no particular order - do not forget to check the forum thread for more, and feel free to add your own!

Double Overtake at Catalunya​

The first two turns at Barcelona-Catalunya are not exactly known as a prime overtaking zone, but that did not deter @BeamMeUpScotty88 from grabbing not just one, but two positions by going around the outside of the opposition in the first part of the chicane. Kudos for keeping it together and pulling it all off with out making contact!

Patience Pays Off​

It may not always be easy to keep calm behind another car, but it tends to pay off: After hounding their opponent for multiple laps, @LMracer seized the opportunity heading into the final turn at Summit Point. Their opponent were not giving up easily though, so successfully defending the newly-gained position into T1 made it all the more satisfying.

Three Wide at Chicaloand​

Passes on highspeed ovals are usually edge-of-your-seat stuff, and this manoeuver by @chargenick1563 at Chicagoland Speedway in NASCAR Racing 2003 is no exception: Going into a turn three wide is always going to be tricky, and being the middle has to be the most nerve-wracking position in these cases. Yet, the pass for the lead was successful - at about 170 mph, no less! A good start that set the tone for the rest of the race, as their eventual win showed.

Intense Multi-Car Battle for the Lead​

Mazda MX5 and close racing - two things that are synonymous with each other in sim racing. This entry by our own @GT-Alex certainly shows why: Side by side for most of the lap with four cars in total being involved in the battle for the lead at Autopolis in Gran Turismo Sport - we bet all four drivers needed a bit of a breather after the race.

If a Gap Opens Up...​

What to do if two drivers ahead of yourself are battling for position going into Sebring's Turn 1 while being all over the place? Why, leave them both in the dust, of course! When both LMP2 cars started drifting to the outside of the corner, @Luciano Santos Filho did not hesitate to go right up the inside of both of them. Squeaky clean and a nice gain of two positions at once!

Shades of JPM​

The championship being decided on the last lap in the final race is something anybody who enjoys close battles could wish for. @Morrisonliam channeled his inner Juan Pablo Montoya, who put a similar move on Michael Schumacher as a newcomer in 2001, when he decided to send it up the inside of Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos' S do Senna. That was just the beginning of a battle that would last nearly the entire final lap. Who said there is no good AI racing to be had anymore?

Around the Outside Sideways​

We know WRC cars do not race each other, but this clip by @MantrackerWRC makes us think they should: Throwing it back to 2005's WRC: Rally Evolved, they pulled off a spectacular move around the outside while going sideways, eventually taking the position - although we are not sure the driver of the AI car would have to say about the end of the sequence.

Door-to-Door in rF1​

The RaceDepartment Racing Club tends to create exciting battles (really, you should try it!). This throwback to rFactor 1 by @Ole Marius Myrvold involves vintage cars, paint trading and sparks - all while being a clean battle that results in a nice outside overtake. That is what we like to see!

Your Thoughts​

Which overtake is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Have any spectacular clips you want to share with us as well? Feel free to post them in the forum thread - maybe they will get featured in a future showcase.
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I do not have a video of it, but my personal favorite was on F12020 at Montreal. I managed to get a good exit out of 13 for the pit straight for a pass into turn one, but it wasn't quite enough. Ended up on the outside going into 1 about a half car length behind, so a braked a few meters early to try the switcheroo. Ended up well enough with me on the outside the entire time around 2 and wheel-to-wheel the full length into 3/4. Both of us ended up braking at the same time and I had to give up the corner. A nice exit out of 4 set me up to come up on his gearbox through 5. Pulled out of the slipstream just in time for a late-breaking attempt into 6, which succeeded. Must have caught him snoozing and pulled away quite easily on the back straight.

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