Crossplay now availble for DIRT 5

Crossplay now availble for DIRT 5

Codemasters have announced the new features that will drop with DIRT 5‘s Red Bull Revolution update, and some popular demands have been answered.

Photo credit: Codemasters

Codemasters have revealed the juicy details of DIRT 5’s new Red Bull Revolution update which is set to drop tomorrow, 11 May. All new content included in Revolution is free for all players, a fact which is no doubt music to the ears of sim-rally fans. The update isn’t enormous, but there are a fair few new features, some of which the community anticipated eagerly!

Multiplayer Crossplay

One of the parts of the Red Bull Revolution update that had been clamoured for by the DIRT 5 fan base is the arrival of cross-platform matchmaking. For those who aren’t aware, this means that players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will be able to race alongside each other online.

Many other games have this cross-compatibility, and it is always a popular addition. There is nothing worse than wanting to play with a friend but realising that you each own the game on different consoles. With this change, those worries are no more! Perhaps this signals that other Codemasters games such as the upcoming F1 2021 might receive similar treatment in the future.

Playgrounds and Customisation

DIRT 5’s arena customisation mode ‘Playgrounds’ is getting some love from the devs as well. Wet and even stormy weather will be available for all playgrounds in Italy, Arizona, and South Africa. This will allow players to up the levels of difficulty of their creations, by including slippery and treacherous conditions. Not only that, but forks of lightning and lashing rain make for fantastic atmosphere-builders as well!

Red Bull’s iconic inflated archway is also making its way into Playgrounds. Players will be able to use the arch as scenery or an obstacle in their arenas. On top of this there are eight new Red Bull themed liveries which are dropping with the update. These include the official Red Bull Racing Esports Team livery on the Porsche 911 RGT, rallycross liveries and more.

Other Changes

Outside of the headline changes Codemasters have also added ghost lap times to the time trial aspect of the game. Most players will be familiar with the concept, but essentially this involves a ghost car of a previously driven lap at the same circuit which will drive the lap as you do. This way, you can study the lines and work out where you are losing and gaining time on the competition. All these additions are also complemented by bug fixes, optimisations and technical tweaks.

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