Cube Controls Honda Civic TCR wheel

Cube Controls and Honda Team up Civic TCR Wheel

For the creation of its Civic TCR car’s wheel, Honda has paired up with Italian firm Cube Controls. Could this mean a Honda-branded simracing wheel in the future?

Image Credit: Cube Controls

Honda recently unveiled its latest iteration of the Civic TCR racecar. When peeking into the cockpit, simracers may notice something interesting. The steering wheel bears the Cube Controls logo.

In fact, the two companies came together during development of the new racer. Cube Controls has been expanding its full-metal motorsport involvement recently and this venture is the latest fruit of that.

Cube Controls’ Logo on the Honda Civic TCR Steering Wheel

Bearing some resemblance to the Formula Sport rim sold by Cube Controls, the steering wheel found inside the Honda Civic TCR challenger is an all-new design.

The wheel’s front face features a total of 16 buttons while two rotary switches sit beside the natural thumb placement. Obviously, this is far fewer than we’d typically see on a simracing steering wheel. That’s mainly down to the relative simplicity of a TCR car.

As yet, it is unclear whether the same rim can be used on existing simracing bases or if a version will be adapted for simracing use. Though Cube Controls was involved in the production of the Mercedes AMG GT Track Series’ steering wheel. This effort spawned a new variant with greater functionality adapted for simracing which was unveiled at the Simracing Expo. So despite there being no word on a gaming alternative, it may well be in the works.

Not the First Venture of its Kind

This isn’t the first time a simracing hardware producer has been called upon to create the wheel for a racecar. Fanatec famously created the BMW M3 GT3’s steering wheel with the ability to use it on a simrig. In fact, this was the wheel’s main selling point; dubbing it as ‘not a replica’.

The simracing giant also collaborated with Ford and M-Sport in creating the wheel for the new Puma R1 rally car. Upon its first outing at Monte Carlo, the Puma claimed victory, something Fanatec was very keen to celebrate.

Finally, it was announced during Simracing Expo that Ascher had won the brief to create the wheel for McLaren’s new Artura GT4 car. Although the exact wheel used in the real car won’t be available to simracers, an adapted version with LCD screen will. Despite the final product not going on sale until the end of next year, Ascher are reporting a lot of interest in the new wheel.

If Cube Controls decides to sell the Honda Civic TCR wheel as a simracing product, it will surely be popular. Though one must admit to there being a difference between a McLaren-branded wheel and one carrying the Honda logo.

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