Cyberpunk 2077 stuns with new car collection

Cyberpunk 2077 stuns with new car collection

Keanu Reeves, hypercars and futuristic motorbikes: A lot of motorsports action will come to Cyberpunk 2077.

Photo credit: Cyberpunk official homepage

Developer CD Projekt Red shared material of futuristic and iconic cars on Twitter this Thursday. All vehicles are going to be available in Triple A title Cyberpunk 2077. A video of a Porsche 911 Turbo and images of several offroad vehicles, behind the scene footage and motorbike action went viral.

Johnny Silverhand cruises with a Porsche

The Porsche 911 Turbo is directly linked to Johnny Silverhand, one of the central characters in the game. A new video highlights the supercar of the game’s hero, including the slogan “The soul of a Porsche and its owner never part ways”.

As a former member of the band Samurai, the rockstar who is played by Hollywood star Keanu Reeves pimped his vehicle accordingly. The rear of his Porsche sports a “Samurai” vinyl, and the key boasts a miniature Oni mask.

Six classes of cars

“In a huge open world like Night City, you need a chill ride to get around fast.” And it seems like CD Projekt Red is going to provide a dream of a virtual garage for every motorsports enthusiast. In addition to the licensed Porsche, there will be six different categories of cars that are all driveable in-game:

  • Economy
  • Makigai (utility cars)
  • Executive
  • Heavy Duty
  • Sport
  • Hypercars

Every class features a range of different original models. The teaser below also revealed that at least sports cars will have exchangeable parts so a tuning system is included as well.

Offroad vehicles to explore the open world

Twitter user Bastian Kinley posted some images of offroad cars this Thursday. The four pictures highlight the attention of detail that was put into designing the machines. The Aldecaldos car is linked to the Nomad pack in the game, Mizutani is a fictional car manufacturer in the world of Cyberpunk, and the Militech tag hints to the fictional weapon manufacturer.

Motorbikes are waiting as well

As beautiful and luxurious as these cars might look like, it is often just as exciting to rush through the city on a motorbike. Cyberpunk therefore includes a range of two-wheelers which were designed in cooperation with Arch Motorcycle.

The bikes look just as polished and detailed as the various cars. Design-wise, they all fit into the dystopian theme. Just imagine going on a ride with those machines straight through the dark and neon-illuminated Night City.

Behind the scenes footage

As well as making the visual aspect of the speedsters perfect, the developer also tediously recorded the sounds to make the experience when driving as realistic as possible. Polish racing driver Tomasz Czopik sat behind the wheel to deliver authentic maneuvers and a range of different car types was used in real life as well. A team of rally mechanics assisted with the recording.

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