A major update will complete the 2023 Dakar Desert Rally roadmap
Image credit: Saber Interactive

Dakar Desert Rally 2023 Roadmap Finally Complete – Or is it?

It seemed this day would never come. But tomorrow Saber Interactive will complete its Dakar Desert Rally development Roadmap for 2023. For the most part, that is.

Upon release last year, Dakar Desert Rally was a bare bones racing title accompanied by a shockingly long development roadmap. Basic features such as a Livery Editor, Free Roam and several DLC packs all had their place on the plans, some even set for a 2022 release.

Well, at the end of December last year, it was clear that many items were to be delayed. Predictably, a new roadmap launched in January with every feature and piece of content coming in 2023. We are now rapidly approaching the end of the year and, bar a few minor DLC additions, nothing has changed.

But at the end of last week, things started to pick up. A long period of radio silence from the developer Bigmoon Entertainment ended with several teaser posts. These videos and photos plastering the Dakar Desert Rally social feeds all focus on their own DLC packs, featuring of the roadmap. But the most recent social media post confirms a release date for every missing feature and content piece.

Dakar Desert Rally Fall Update

As part of a major update, dubbed the Fall Update, Dakar Desert Rally will receive a plethora of additions on 28 November. According to the Tweet, this update will bring much-needed Photo and Replay modes to the title. In addition, the highly-requested Roadbook Editor will also be included, allowing players to set up their own rally routes.

Elsewhere, the Fall Update to Dakar Desert Rally will help to complete the 2023 development roadmap for content. The release will come alongside a trio of DLC packs bringing new vehicles to the title.

Earlier in the year, Dakar Desert Rally received its Snowrunner Trucks Pack. Featuring a collection of large vehicles from the off-roading simulator, it was the last major content addition to the game to date. A similar DLC will release on 28 November, dubbed the Snowrunner Cars Pack. In a similar vein, this will add smaller models from the sim such as the many Chevrolet pick-ups and various other Scout class cars. Previous posts indicate that this pack will be free to all players, regardless of their version of the game.

The Snowrunner DLC will be joined by a pair of more official car packs. The Hybrid Vehicle Pack will add many new energy vehicles competing in the current age of Rally Raid competition. The Audi RS Q E-Tron already present in the game, which will now become free to all, helps to provide an early taste of this pack.

Dakar Desert Rally Roadmap as of 27 November 2023
Dakar Desert Rally Roadmap as of 27 November 2023. Image credit: Saber Interactive

Finally, the Classic Vehicles Pack 2 will go through past legends of the sport. The first iteration of the DLC released with the Porsche 959 and Tatra 815 truck. The cover of the upcoming pack features what looks to be a Yamaha YZE850T. This 1990’s monster won a total of seven out of eight editions of the race from 1991 to 1998. One will have to wait until release to discover other models in the pack.

Roadmap Not Quite Complete

One might well notice that the announcement post misses out two sizeable parts of the 2023 Dakar Desert Rally roadmap. In fact, the Team Customisation tool for livery creation and USA Tour DLC do not get a mention.

Whilst the inclusion of these two elements has not been dismissed by the developers, it has not been confirmed either. Therefore, it seems the official Dakar game will go another year without its second map or the ability to create personal liveries.

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