USA Tour DLC coming soon to Dakar Desert Rally
Image credit: Saber Interactive

Dakar Desert Rally USA Tour Teased, Coming Soon

After much patience, Saber Interactive has finally teased the USA Tour DLC for Dakar Desert Rally as coming soon. Get ready to explore the American wilderness.

Dakar Desert Rally launched as the official game for the infamous rally raid of the same name back in October 2022. Alongside the title came a rather full development roadmap showing a sorry state of affairs for the game in its launch state.

Whilst it took patience, 2023 saw the game receive the majority of the elements present on the roadmap. One addition that never made its way to Dakar Desert Rally in 2023 however was the American map DLC. But following a recent teaser on social media, fans will soon get to explore this new map in the title.

Dakar Desert Rally USA Tour Release

The USA Tour is the final DLC pack originally announced by Saber Interactive for Dakar Desert Rally. According to previous announcements, the pack will present a new map for players to explore.

The base game features a vast representation of Saudi Arabia, the real life location of the rally. This USA pack on the other hand will, as the name suggests, fling players into a recreation of the USA. As yet, the extent of said representation is unknown. But from the screenshots, one would assume that a barren landscape mixing desert and mountains will dominate the map.

A new map is coming to the Dakar game very soon
A new map is coming to the Dakar game very soon. Image credit: Saber Interactive

This description fits a number of regions across the country. So we will avoid attempting to predict the actual location. That being said, previous leaks do show a map ranging from Colorado to Nevada.

With the Dakar’s history, the decision to visit the United States of America, rather than the Southern continent, or even Africa will be perplexing to some. Either way, those that enjoy discovering new landmarks, competing in unknown races and navigating through wilderness will get a fresh start with the DLC.

No release date for the Dakar Desert Rally USA Tour has been made public as of yet. However, the teaser does hint at a relatively swift release.

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