Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealership details

Details Emerge for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

After a long drought of information on Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, new details have emerged about the game. In the first in a monthly series of newsletters, specifics about the game’s car purchasing and customisation system were announced.

Image Credit: Kylotonn Games

Originally scheduled for release at the end of last year, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is one of the most anticipated games on the horizon. Bringing back the legendaryTest Drive name, it is set on a faithful recreation of Hong Kong island, and features an enticing story mode.

In recent months, information regarding the game has been scarce. But in a newsletter released this morning, Kylotonn Games goes into great detail. The post is the first in a monthly series of updates coming out until the game’s release, it delves into the car purchase and customisation aspects of the game, which add a new twist to the Test Drive formula.

Buying Cars in TDU Solar Crown

On paper, it seems the main competitor to KT Games’ next release is Forza Horizon 5. But, as it turns out, the two titles will differ in one key, game-changing aspect. According to the newsletter posted to the game’s Steam page, earning enough cash to buy the right car will be a long process.

Compare this to the Forza way of doing things and you’ll easily spot the difference. One can get a new car for tapping the handbrake or simply staying on the road in Horizon.

When it takes a player ‘several hours’ to afford their next car, a special procedure can make up for the grind. The next Test Drive game will, like previous iterations, provide a realistic car purchase experience. Players will have to visit one of 14 dealerships, each catering to different car types. Apart from Ferrari and Lamborghini, who get their own dedicated dealerships, brands will be mixed together.

Here, players can get out of their cars and walk about. Then, they can meet other players and chat to them as if getting together at a car event. Once you’ve laid eyes on the perfect model, you can go through the entire process of speccing your car. Every real-world option for each car will be available in-game from wheels to colours and trim levels.

Classic car dealer in TDU Solar Crown
Classic car dealer in TDU Solar Crown. Image Credit: Kylotonn Games

As the game’s name suggests, a test drive will be in order before handing over your cash. When you do confirm your purchase, the newsletter mentions that you will receive your new keys. This will surely be a short cut scene, though it will be interesting to see if these keys play a larger part in-game.

Modifying your Car

Just like the dealerships, workshops in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown act as “social hubs.” These locations allow players to get out of their cars and walk about as a personified avatar. players can chat to others as they too work on their cars. It seems these hubs will play a major role in the MMO aspect of the game.

It’s at workshops that players can modify their cars with any modifications not available at dealerships. Performance modifications are broken down into six different categories, with 13 parts available to tune. The post mentions the engine, gearbox and suspension. So, one can assume the categories will follow the lines of power, traction, braking and so-on.

Supercar dealership in Solar Crown
Supercar dealership in Solar Crown. Image Credit: Kylotonn Games

Visual modifications will also feature in the game, though only the mention of liveries features in the update post. It’s likely that body kits and aero packages will be available in-game too.

A full livery editor will feature in the new Test Drive game. It will have a number of paint finishes from matte to chrome as well as many decals and stickers. But, players will find themselves limited in how they can paint their cars. Depending on story progression and clan affiliation, some parts may be unavailable.

Overall, it seems car ownership will be a much more hands-on experience than other open world racing titles. Not only will pay outs require work to afford each car, the process of buying a new vehicle will be a thought out experience, intended to provide a bond between player and machine.

More updates regarding the game will release each month in newsletter form. With a release date as yet unclear, it’s impossible to know how many more newsletters will come out before the game.

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