The Moza R3 is an Xbox compatible direct drive sim racing wheel
Image credit: Moza

Direct Drive for Xbox: Moza Unveils €439 R3 Bundle

Following an unveiling at Gamescom, Moza continues its assault on the direct drive market with the R3. Xbox-compatible, it brings direct drive to the console.

With recent announcements, direct drive is very rapidly taking over the entire racing wheel market. The big three – Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec – are all firmly settled in the DD market and other manufacturers are providing great products.

One top wheel designer taking the direct drive market by storm is Moza Racing. Its range includes everything from the high end of 21Nm devices to the brand-new R3 entry-level model. Providing 3.9Nm of torque and compatibility with Xbox consoles, it is surely an interesting proposition to those looking to make the move to DD, especially at its price point.

Moza R3: Entry-Level DD

The all-new direct drive product was revealed at Gamescom and falls just under the R5 in Moza’s line-up. Indeed, whilst the R5 is a PC-only model, the new Moza R3 will be the company’s first foray into console racing. The new wheel comes as part of an Xbox-centric bundle, compatible with the One and Series X/S. However, the product is also PC-compatible.

Hitting the market at €439/$399/£399, the R3 bundle includes the 3.9Nm direct drive wheel base, a redesigned version of the ES racing wheel for Xbox compatibility and a set of SRP Lite pedals. The bundle also features a desk clamp and quick release system.

A long list of compatible games comes as part of the announcement and fans will be pleased to see many fan favourites. However, one glaring omission for the time being is Assetto Corsa Competizione. Whilst unconfirmed, the title will surely join the list later down the line.

For Xbox users, there are very few direct drive options available. Indeed, Logitech’s G PRO bundle is a rather costly choice surpassing the €1,000 mark. Meanwhile, the new Moza entrant sits close to the 5Nm Fanatec CSL DD, which costs €399. The Moza R3 will hit shelves in Q4 of 2023, meaning as early as October.

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