Dirt 5 gameplay video presents new game mode

Dirt 5 gameplay video presents new game mode

Codemasters released a clip showing the brand-new game mode ‘Path Finder’.

Photo credit: Dirt / Twitter

Just a few hours before the Xbox Showcase event on July 23, Codemasters released a new gameplay video of Dirt 5. The clip gives an insight into the new Path Finder game mode.

Tough off-road action

According to the video, Path Finder will feature “the most hardcore off-road terrain in the whole Dirt series.” The game mode appears to be about rock crawling.

We see the driver steering his buggy from checkpoint to checkpoint up a rocky mountain. There are no other cars on track and the goal is to set the fastest time possible.

On the way to the top, the buggy faces several obstacles like water ditches, rocks, jumps or stairs.

“You gotta be really brave or clinically insane to race on these tracks,” the narrator explains in the trailer.

The game mode resembles the game Overpass, which hit the market in spring 2020. Find our review on the racing puzzler below.


However, Path Finder in Dirt 5 looks more like a fun arcade mode than a realistic mountain challenge.

Dirt 5 comes to new console generation

Dirt 5 will feature ten different locations around the globe. Iconic rally and rallycross classes will bring more variety to the game.

Codemasters is set to release the game on October 9 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One Google Stadia and Windows.


The off-road racer will also be released on the new consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Players who bought a copy for the older console generation will get a free update to the newer systems.

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