DIRT 5 online modes and cross-gen multiplayer announced

DIRT 5 online modes and cross-gen multiplayer announced

DIRT 5 will feature a variety of competitive and party online modes. Cross-gen play will be possible.

Photo credit: Codemasters (DIRT 5)

DIRT publisher Codemasters provided new information on DIRT 5, which will be released on November 6, via the offical PlayStation Blog on Thursday. The announcement addresses the online multiplayer modes in the upcoming game.

New party modes: Vampire, King and Transporter

In DIRT 5, players will be able to choose between three party modes with each of them offering another kind of gameplay. ‘Vampire’ mode is similar to the famous ‘Outbreak’ mode from DiRT 3. One player starts as a ‘vampire’ and has to ‘infect’ the other players by making contact with their cars.

The second party mode is called ‘King’ in which players collect a crown and earn points by holding it. The other players have to hunt down the holder of the crown to become king themselves. Whoever has earned most points after the time is up wins the game.

In ‘Transporter’ mode, players will have to collect and deliver objects to designated places to score points. However, the other players will have to prevent them from fulfilling their task, so that they can take care of the delivery instead.

Competitive modes and cross-gen multiplayer

Besides the party modes, DIRT 5 features standard online racing as well. All of the ten global locations including 72 routes will be available for online play. Players will be able to choose between circuits and point-to-point racing, but also between many different types of cars. By playing online, they earn different personalized items.

With all the online modes being officially announced, Codemasters furthermore explained that it will not be possible to create custom lobbies at launch of DIRT 5. However, the feature will be added in the future. Until then, there will only be public 12-player lobbies.


An important aspect of online play in DIRT 5 will be the option to play cross-gen, which means that, for example, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can play together online. Cross-platform play on the other hand will not be supported.

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