DIRT 5: release date, new features revealed

DIRT 5: release date, new features revealed

A brand-new trailer brings new information about the off-road racer.

After the announcement of DIRT 5, developer Codemasters has released a new trailer on Wednesday, July 15, to share more information about the off-road racer. The game will be released on October 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X and Windows. It also comes with a free next-gen upgrade. So if you pickup DIRT 5 on PS4 digitally or physically, players get a free PS5 version as well. Same goes for Xbox One and the Xbox Series X due to the Smart Devlivery system, Codemasters announced.

10 locations across the globe

The off-road racer will take place across 10 different locations, as it has been revealed. While Morocco, Brazil and Arizona are being featured in the trailer, players can also discover Nepal, Roosevelt Island, Norway, China, Greece, Italy and South Africa in DiRT 5.

New classes for more variety


Codemasters already promised that iconic rally and rallycross classes like Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford will be included, too. But additionally to that, players can be excited about some variety with Formula Off-Road and Rock Bouncer classes. The developer even announced the return of Gymkhana. Those timed events are full of jumps, drift zones and more. The game mode debuted in DiRT 3 and has been highly popular amongst players.

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