DIRT 5 heads to Brazil with massive new update

DIRT 5 heads to Brazil with massive new update

Update 5.00 will take players to the sandy Brazilian shores of Rio de Janeiro.

Photo credit: Codemasters

Codemasters, the developers behind the Formula 1 game series and the DIRT rally series, have certainly been busy lately. Not only are they in the middle of releasing F1 2021, but they have also announced a huge DIRT 5 update which is set to drop on 20 July. This update, called Update 5.00, is available to all players for free. On top of this, the Super Size Content Pack is also being released, and it will be available to those who purchased the Amplified or Year One editions of the game.

Tracks and Cars

The most exciting parts of the new DIRT 5 update are undoubtedly the new circuits and vehicles that are being added. Two Brazilian tracks, São Contrado and Rio Seafront, are set to become the first new circuits to be added to the game since its release. As the name of the latter course suggests, these tracks are set on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s most iconic city. Driving on the sand and muck will no doubt call for some serious off-roading vehicles to master the terrain.

Speaking of vehicles, four new cars are also making their way into the game on 20 July, but only for those players eligible to receive the Super Size Content Pack. The Armada Rock Racer, a dune-buggy style contraption which fits into DIRT 5‘s Rock Bouncer class, is one of the new cars. Another, the Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car, could hardly look more different, but both share their off-road suitability in common. The Cross Raid class has a new member too, known by the catchy moniker: Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept. Finally there is the Rezvani Tank, a Jeep Wrangler which has been souped up to the max and which features literal bulletproof armour – you know, for all the times you get shot at while rallying.

Career Mode, Playgrounds and More

Another feature of the Super Size Content Pack is an expansion to DIRT 5’s career mode. This addition features 27 new events in a new chapter, which will have some crossover with the new cars, or at least their classes, as well as with the new tracks. Two new sponsors will also be available, in the form of Toblerone and Power Maxed.

Playgrounds, the gamemode that lets players create their own arenas to drive in, is also seeing some love as part of the free update. Known as the Parts Unknown Playgrounds Update, this part of Update 5.00 will bring other worlds to DIRT 5‘s Playgrounds mode. 20 new objects, including the likes of UFOs, will be available for players to customise their experience with. Along with all this, there are also some improvements to Playgrounds which allow players to compete and earn rewards, two new real-world liveries, and the usual technical tweaks and fixes.

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