#DRIVE Rally: Arcade Title With Wheel Support Hits Early Access In Fall

A new indie rally game is lining up at the starting gate: #DRIVE Rally will launch in Early Access this fall, including 1990s references galore.

Images: Pixel Perfect Dude

Indie rally games enjoy a certain popularity among racing game and sim racing fans, the most prominent example arguably being art of rally. This fall, another title could join the ranks of a charming rally title that does not take itself too seriously: Developed by Pixel Perfect Dude, #DRIVE Rally is coming to PC in Early Acces in fall. Console versions are planned for 2025.

The game picks up where #DRIVE, a mobile game featuring endless driving (well, until you crash or forget to refuel and run out), countless real-life inspired cars with funny names, and stages set around the world. These seem to make a return in #DRIVE Rally as the settings for over 400 kilometers (240 miles) of rally stages.

Similarly, rally versions of cars already in #DRIVE will be on board, with a few new vehicles joining the list as well. The cars will be customizable, and you can even show them off in photo mode.


Customizable Cars & Wheel Support​

Various co-driver characters will be available to choose from, too, possibly inspired by the #DRIVE co-driver's snarky comments. Those shown in the trailer do seem a bit stereotypical and in some instances slightly cheesy, we find.

What is particularly interesting about #DRIVE Rally is that it will feature an in-car camera view and wheel support despite being a decidedly arcade title. We will keep an eye on the game and try it on a wheel - a demo should be available again soon, after a first version of it has been taken down "for tune up", according to a YouTube comment by the #DRIVE channel.

You can already wishlist #DRIVE Rally on Steam, but the game will also release on Epic Games, and, later on, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch.

What are your first impressions of #DRIVE Rally? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Oh:confused:, I would have to say this looks ok with it's stylised graphics and as it has wheel support I will keep an eye on it, review wise....AND it looks like it has a decent 'Screenshot' Mode':D...thanks for posting Yannik:thumbsup:

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