EA Sports WRC Hotfix Career Mode
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EA Sports WRC Hotfix For Career Mode Not Out Until Mid-January


The latest update aimed to fix issues, but created even more, meaning an EA Sports WRC hotfix is on its way. Players will have to wait until the middle of January 2024 for it to launch, however.

Having faced issues since its launch in early November, EA Sports WRC has received updates to make the experience better. Rally sim racers had been complaining about performance problems as well as several bugs that affected core gameplay mechanics. The latest update to v1.4.0 added more fixes, plus the all-new Central European Rally.

New Problems Since v1.4.0

However, new problems arose from the patch. Not only are console racers complaining about screen tearing that has apparently worsened, but a core game mode is essentially broken for many. Numerous racers report that their Career Mode savegames are broken since the update dropped. For many, this means that their hours of progress were all for nothing.

The good news: Codemasters are already in the process of creating a hotfix to resolve the issue. However, this comes with timing that will likely not sit well with the community. The EA Sports WRC hotfix is only going to drop in mid-January, meaning many who planned on continuing their Career Modes over the Holidays cannot do so.

EA Sports WRC Hotfix: CER Addition Causes Bug

In a statement released on social media and in the official EA forums, the complex nature of the issue is cited as the cause. At the same time, an explanation of the issue is given. In short, the arrival of the Central European Rally causes issues with certain Benefactor objectives. As they are randomly assigned at the start of Career Mode, not all players face the issue.

For those who are, however, the game simply crashes when trying to load the save. To make matters worse, the save might become unrecoverable in the process. As a result, not touching career mode saves until the EA Sports WRC hotfix launches is recommended. Starting a new career mode reportedly works as intended, however.

Considering the somewhat problem-filled launch of the title, the community’s patience might be wearing thin, as some Twitter reactions already suggest. While the open communication of the timing and the problem itself is not necessarily usual, the wait until the EA Sports WRC hotfix launches might feel unacceptable for many.

Additionally, Codemasters employees being laid off ahead of Christmas likely does not help matters either. While the extent of these layoffs have not been communicated, it is possible that they affect the manpower available for this.

Meanwhile, in addition to the Career Mode issue, which is “the primary goal of the hotfix” according to the statement, problems with AI inconsistency plus track limits will also be tackled. The latter also started occurring after the v1.4.0 update, where the player’s car would be reset if they did not take an unreasonably wide line through an acute hairpin, for instance.

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