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EA Sports WRC: Save Your Setups Before December 14!


EA Sports WRC setups and controller layouts are going to be wiped with the incoming December 14 update. Players should make sure to save both.

As we noted in our article about Codemasters suffering layoffs, the next EA Sports WRC update is coming on December 14. Ahead of its launch, Codemasters have issued a warning to all players. You can find it on the title’s Steam news page, but it also pops up when launching the game.

In short, update 1.4.0 includes a fix for saved car setups and input bindings not working as intended on some devices. To fix this, the update will reset all EA Sports WRC setups and input bindings.

The suggested solution may seem a bit baffling for a title of this size, however. Instead of copying files to paste them back in later, the note recommends a rather rudimentary way of saving car setups and controller layouts: writing them down or taking screenshots. Either way, it is not exactly convenient for players. Still, giving an warning of this ahead of time should help many players.

EA Sports WRC v1.4.0 To Introduce More Performance Fixes

While the release notes for update v1.4.0 are not out yet, a comment by Community Manager PJ Tierney on Steam regarding the EA Sports WRC setups being wiped hints at performance improvements. Despite the effort of previous updates, players are still reporting unreasonably low framerates, stutters and other visual problems. For now, adjusting certain graphics settings seems to be a workaround.

The full patch notes will be available ahead of the actual update, which launches on December 14. According to Tierney, “there is a lot in the patch”. Does that mean we might see some of the highly-requested features the community raised in it? Time will tell.

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