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EA Sports WRC set for September reveal


After a lot of uncertainty surrounding whether the new EA Sports licenced WRC game would be releasing, we finally have official word on the title. The game will be revealed next week.

The World Rally Championship is undoubtedly the leading form of off road racing, and has a huge fanbase – enough to warrant an officially licenced video game! The licence had been in the hands of Kylotonn between 2015 and 2022.

But now it falls under control of EA Sports and Codemasters, the latter of whom developed the DIRT titles. Now with the official WRC licence, the rally sim racing community will no longer be split between two sets of games.

The initial release date was 28 July for what was originally called WRC 23, but that came and went with no news. Players were beginning to believe the worst. However, those fears can
now be put to bed.

On the official EA Sports WRC YouTube channel on 5 September at 5pm CEST, the game will be publicly revealed. A teaser video on social media shows three World Rally Championship cars, the Toyota GR Yaris Rally1, Hyundai i20 N Rally1 and Ford Puma Rally1.

Not much else has been confirmed beyond this, but it is possible that we may already know
the release date and more.

EA Sports WRC: November Release?

Reputable leaker billbil-kun made the bold claim that the game would not be called WRC 23 as expected, instead taking on the EA Sports WRC moniker, which proved true! So it is not too much of a stretch to believe they are also correct about other details.

The leaker claims it will launch for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S with both a Standard and Champions Edition. But when it will launch? That will be 3 November, and Champions
Edition owners can get early access starting 31 October.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of them all is the price. Most games nowadays are pushing the envelope when it comes to cost. EA Sports WRC on the other hand according to billbil-kun will be relatively inexpensive. The leaker claims it will cost €49.99/£44.99/$49.99.

Considering F1 23 (another Codemasters and EA Sports licenced racing game) launched at £69.99 for the standard edition, that seems almost to be a bargain! Time will tell whether all of this is true. Luckily that time is only a few days!

Tune in to the EA Sports WRC YouTube channel to follow the reveal of the new game.

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