Esports racers to join first ever hydrogen race series

Esports racers to join first ever hydrogen race series

In Hyraze League, drivers will enter hydrogen-powered race cars focused on high sustainability.

Photo credit: ADAC Motorsport

In the newly formed Hyraze League, real-world and esports racers are going to compete in teams in hydrogen-powered cars. The series will be organized by various German companies and associations, including the DMSB, ADAC and the esports association WESA. The first season is intended to kick off in 2023.

Hyraze League is planned to be the first racing league that features cars running on green hydrogen-powered electric engines. The cars are still in development and testing should take place in 2022. First pictures of a prototype have already been released.

Source: ADAC Motorsport

The vehicles are planned to have 800 horsepower and reach speeds of more than 250 km/h. According to the organizers, the cars will also include a new brake system which is able to save brake dust in the car, so that it can be recycled later on. Safety will also be a big focus in the development of the cars, an official press release states.

But racing on real tracks only makes up half of the competition.

Esports has an equal part

Each team in Hyraze League will have two drivers: while one driver competes in a real-world race, an esports racer will also compete in a virtual hydrogen-racer in a sim race on each track. “The combination of real racing with multifarious new technologies and E-Sport will create a new relevance for motorsports,” says Hermann Tomczyk, President of Sports at ADAC, in a press release. No further information on the platform or simulation has been released so far.

Both real and virtual races will count equally towards the league’s standings. The organizers plan to hold qualification events for the esports racers in November 2022.

Hyraze league
Source: ADAC Motorsport

The first season will be held in Germany, but the tracks and the number of race weekends have not been named yet. There is also no information about which teams are going to take part in the competition. The series and its format will be further developed until 2021, an official press release says.

The organizers also plan to expand and create more racing series with hydrogen-powered cars worldwide in 2025.

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