ADAC 2023 SimRacing Expo
Image Credits: Messe Dortmund / ADAC SimRacing Expo

2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo: Our Highlights

The 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo took place in Dortmund from October 13 to 15. We were there for you and have gathered all interesting new sim racing hardware here for you.

Last updated: October 16, 8.30am CEST

From October 13 to 15, the 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo took place in Hall 3 of the Messe Dortmund, offering 12,000 square meters of exciting (virtual) racing. Leading sim racing brands were present. We saw the new pieces from Asetek, Fanatec, Logitech, MOZA Racing or PXN, just to name a few, and here gather all the info we could get, including availability and price, where possible.

Highlights Of The 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo

Watch our video to learn about all the new products and developments of well-established manufacturers and some brand new kids on the block!

Asetek SimSports

Even before the doors in Dortmund opened, Asetek SimSports announced new hardware – and lots of it. Thus far, the Danish manufacturer only offered a formula-style wheel in different versions to pair with their wheelbases. New button boxes and wheel rims now change this.

Asetek: New Wheels & Button Boxes

Much like the existing formula wheels, the button boxes are available as La Prima and Forte versions. The latter offers a carbon composite housing compared to the former’s aluminum construction, while also offering more buttons and switches.

To go along with the button boxes, Asetek have shown no less than six wheel rims. All of them are compatible with the button boxes, so each part can be upgraded individually. This comes with a caveat, however. The wheel rims feature a custom design, so it is not going to be possible to use them with other button boxes – or to attach standard racing wheels to the button boxes for custom builds. This is due to the different screw pattern used by the rims.

Sim racers can choose from round wheels as well as open and closed d-shaped rims. Upgrades to shifter paddles and analog clutch paddles are also possible.

Asetek Wheels & Button Boxes: Pricing & Availability

Bundles of a rim and Forte button box are priced at €499,99, the La Prima version costs €399,99. The Comfort Plus rim using an improved version of Alcantara will cost an additional €40. Asetek is targeting November 20th as the launch date. An Invicta rim and button box are planned to follow.

All of the hardware is on show in Dortmund. This is also true for a prototype of exchangeable grips for the formula-style wheel set to launch in Q1 of 2024.


Fanatec has brought all the latest and upcoming gear to Dortmund. And there is plenty to look forward to.

Fanatec ClubSport DD Base

Fanatec’s new direct drive wheelbase is called the ClubSport DD, obviously filling the gap between the CSL DD and the Podium Series. The ClubSport DD base comes with 12 Nm of torque and a price tag of €699. Apart from PC, it will also be availabe for Xbox consoles. The wheelbase can now be preordered on the Fanatec website.

Additionally, Fanatec also announced another 15 Nm base called ClubSport DD+ which is set to follow and will include PlayStation compatibility.

Fanatec WRC Button Box

Look here, rallye fans! This looks pretty much like a WRC button box, does it not? As far as we know, this is the first sighting of it in the wild. More to come …

Fanatec F1-Style Rig

Fanatec also brought a new F1-style rig which does not have a name yet.

Additionally, Fanatec are developing a new FFB system called Full Force to add more detail like engine vibration. However, this needs to be included in the software, so sim/game developers need to add the functionality in order for it to work. It will be included with the ClubSport DD and DD+ wheelbases.

Sabelt Sim Racing

Sabelt Sim Racing have shown their new sim rigs which were teased a while ago. Named the P Series (Formula, red), S Series (GT, yellow) and X Series (Rally/Drift/Nascar, blue, no picture). All series include cockpits, seats and accessories. The S Series can already be pre-ordered, with the P and X Series to follow until Nov 17.

2023 SimRacing Expo Exhibitors

Brands present at the SimRacing Expo (as of 12/10/2023).

Absolute Motorsports
Acelith SimRacing Design
Ascher Racing
Asetek SimSports
Bavarian SimTec
EFS The Racing Hub
Eraser Medion
GRacing Total Immersion

MME Simsport
MOZA Racing
NOVUS Racing Simulators
P1 Sim
PT Actuators
Sabelt Sim Racing

Sim Department
Sim Motion
SimRacing Pro
SIMREP Engineering
Tomas Enge Sim Racing

2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo Info

Date: Friday 13th October till Sunday 15th October 2023
Opening Times: 10 am – 6 pm CEST
Venue: Halls 3 and 4 of the Messe Dortmund
(Messe Dortmund: Rheinlanddamm 200, 44139 Dortmund, Germany)
Ticket Prices: From €24.50

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