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Formula Ford Festival to Become iRacing Special Event


At the end of every year, Formula Ford drivers from all across the globe compete on the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. Now, iRacing players can get a taste of the event from 17-18 November.

In a collaborative endeavour between iRacing, the British Racing and Sports Car Club and Motorsport UK Esports, the world-renowned Formula Ford Festival will become an open special event on the service.

Dubbed the BRSCC iRacing FF1600 Festival, players can compete across four designated timeslots from 17-18 November. There are four races held across all splits, with two heat races of ten laps. Another ten-lap race for the Last Chance Qualifier and a 20-lap Final follow the heats.

iRacing Formula Ford Festival Format

Like other iRacing Special Events, the timeslots are 22:00 GMT on 17 November, and 7:00, 12:00 and 16:00 GMT on 18 November. It is open to all players who have a licence of Rookie 4.0 at a minimum. Drivers who sign up will be assigned heats in their splits, with 28 drivers per heat and the top 13 making the Final.

Every other driver goes through the Last Chance Qualifier. The top four advance, making it 30 drivers for the Final. Much like the real life event, a driver’s finishing position will most likely dictate their starting place for their next race. There will be the typical 8-minute 2-lap lone qualifying to decide the driver’s starting positions for their heats.

If you want to compete in the event, half of the content will already be available to you as standard. The Rays FF1600 is free to all iRacing players, whereas the track Brands Hatch will cost you $14.95. The event, like the real-life one, will be on the shorter 1.2-mile Indy circuit.

Motorsport UK Esports have also been operating the UK FF1600 Esports Cup alongside the British F4 Esports Championship. Open to anyone with a Motorsport UK Esports membership, signing up can give you a 12 month subscription to iRacing and the FIA F4 car for free, as well as access to their events providing you make the cut-off.

A Motorsport UK Esports membership will not be mandatory to compete in the iRacing BRSCC FF1600 Festival, though. Providing you have a Rookie 4.0 licence at minimum and the Brands Hatch track, you can sign up and compete in the event!

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