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How to Qualify for F1 Esports 2023

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F1 Esports is where some of the best professional simracers in the world battle it out in the most intense cars around. With many eyes on the competition, some might wonder how they can get involved in the championship this year. Any hopefuls are in luck as qualifying for F1 Esports in 2023 is currently open.

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Attracting some of the biggest names in simracing, F1 Esports certainly sits at the forefront of the industry’s growth. Frequently offering up amazing racing on some of the best-known tracks in the world, it attracts viewers like no other simracing competition.

But for many, watching isn’t quite enough. Countless fans aspire to one day compete in this infamous series as part of a real Formula 1 team. Those looking to do just that are in luck. As of February 15th, the second round of qualifying for F1 Esports 2023 is open to the masses. Here’s all you need to do to compete for a spot on this year’s grid.

History-altering Scenarios

Qualifying for this year’s F1 Esports competition is based on in-game scenarios against the AI making up several rounds. In Round 1, the player took the wheel of Lando Norris’ McLaren at the end of the British Grand Prix. Starting the last few laps in sixth place against a field of AI drivers, the player had to finish the race higher than Norris did in the real event.

To pass the event, players had to overtake both Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc to finish at least fourth, all while keeping clean and going fast to win points. The final leaderboard sees those with the highest final score rise to the top. In this case, Thomas Ronhaar claimed the top spot. But, with a second round still to go, anyone can prove their worth.

For round two, the scenario takes place in Abu Dhabi. Prospective qualifiers are given control of Lewis Hamilton’s car, as they attempt to win the race ahead of a hard-charging Max Verstappen. The event began on February 15th and closes on the 28th. As with the first round of qualification, the goal is to finish as high as possible while using the least assists and keeping clean.

To make sure your attempt counts, you’ll have to link your gaming account – be it PSN, XBox Live or Steam – with an F1 Esports account. If you’ve done this correctly, your score will appear on the F1 Esports qualification leaderboard.

F1 Esports: Qualifying, Challengers, and Pro Championship

Players that feature high enough on the leaderboard will qualify for the F1 Esports Challengers Series. This takes place throughout 2023, pitting the best racers on each platform against one another. The Challengers championship separates each platform with the top six in each moving on to greater heights.

The top six racers on each platform – PC, XBox and Playstation – will be eligible to sign for the Pro Championship teams. At that point, their names become etched into legend, as they race in the big leagues at the end of this year.

Will you attempt to qualify for this year’s F1 Esports Challengers Series? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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