A Corvette C8.R in Lazarus black/pink with Mosport in the background

What is the Lazarus Chevrolet Grand Prix?


Competitive gaming organisation Lazarus are hosting an event on iRacing with some big names in the sim racing and gaming scene.

Image credit: Lazarus.gg

The Lazarus name is one which will be familiar to many fans of Canadian esports. Through their escapades in ForzaRC and Le Mans Esports, they have participated in their fair share of racing game action.

Since discontinuing their racing programs, it seemed Lazarus had stopped doing any kind of sim racing. But now, in partnership with Chevrolet, they’re hosting a fun event with some very interesting spins on the driving medium.

Who is Competing?

On the first day, four team captains picked a selection of 12 personalities from the gaming world. The captains had a ten lap race to decide the order in which they’d be able to select. The other drivers then had a 25 lap exhibition to prove their worth. The four teams are Team Black, Team White, Team Blue and Team Yellow.

The captain of the black team is Martin ‘Tidgney’ Grady, a former Gran Turismo driver for Lazarus and he’s paired with Vincent Rigaud, also a Gran Turismo driver for Lazarus and 2018 Manufacturers Series champion. Along with Rigaud, Grady also has everyone’s favourite tea-drinking British sim racer, James ‘GamerMuscle’ West.

The white team are headed by vlogger and streamer Lady Wanderlust and she’s joined by real world racer Lyubov ‘LoveFortySix’ Ozeretskovskaya and streamer Annie Rabbets. The blue team is led by David Sampson who is the team manager of Kanaan eSports, so no surprise he picked his boss, that being Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan. Then finally is the yellow team who are captained by Suellio Almeida.

The lineup of drivers competing in the Lazarus Chevrolet Grand Prix event.
These are all the drivers participating in the event. Image credit: Lazarus

How Does the Event Work?

Day 2 starts this evening at 8pm CEST, and the races are not conventional by any stretch of the imagination. First up will be the Heat event, in which the conditions are put to the extreme. Track and ambient temperatures as well as the wind will be maximised, and the drivers have to keep their car pointing in the right direction for 25 laps.

The second event will be the No Track Limits challenge, which is about as obvious as the name suggests. Not being bound by any track limits, the drivers must complete 25 laps as quick as possible.

For Day 3 though, the first event is called Protect The Captain. The four captains have to survive the race for as long as possible whilst their teammates defend them from other team members who all have three fast repairs. The team captain who survives the most distance wins.

Then one final proper race to prevent all the iRacing players from having a meltdown for seeing their precious simulator being used this way. Simple affair and like all the other races, 25 laps around the Mosport circuit.

How to follow

The action begins tonight over on Lazarus’ Twitch channel at 8pm CEST. Tune in to watch some whacky racing and incredible action!

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