A Toyota GR86 sportscar with snowy mountains on the side and bold text saying 'Winter Cup' above it.
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Screen to Speed Winter Cup: Race on iRacing and Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7iRacing

The all-women’s sim racing events ran by Init Esports have now gone beyond just iRacing and are expanding to account for those who compete on Gran Turismo 7.

The Screen to Speed on-site event ran in Las Vegas back in March was just the beginning of a long line of events held by Init Esports. From July to October, the Summer Cup had the competitors racing a range of different cars on iRacing. Then from October to November, they took to the speedways in NASCAR trucks.

Coming off the back of their Holiday Invitational event in GT3 cars, Init Esports have announced they will be hosting a Winter Cup. But this time, it will not just be on iRacing, and will also feature a Gran Turismo 7-based version for those on console.

Screen to Speed: Console Bound

From January to March, two concurrently run championships will take place. One on iRacing and the other on Gran Turismo 7, open for any woman to participate in.

The iRacing series will exclusively feature the Toyota GR86, a car that is available in the base content of the platform. Plus, the tracks will also be free content, those being Oulton Park, Laguna Seca, Summit Point and Lime Rock Park. Sign-ups for the iRacing series are here

A red coloured Aston Martin racing car on a road surrounded by snow.
Screen to Speed Winter Cup’s GT7 series will consist of Gr. 4 cars. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

For the GT7 series, the six races will take place in the Gr.4 class of car with the exception of the Bugatti Veyron Gr.4. These cars typically cost about 350,000 credits, so if anyone wants to compete, make sure you have a Gr.4 car plus all the relevant tyres.

The GT7 series can be raced on a wheel or a controller, however Init Esports are willing to help anyone wanting to get a wheel. Details on how to obtain a wheel for a discounted price are available on the signup page for the GT7 series here.

Where to Follow

All races across both the iRacing and GT7 portions of the Winter Cup will be streamed live to the Init Esports Twitch channel, with the streams starting at 9pm CET on their respective days. The schedules for both series are as follows:

Screen to Speed Winter Cup – iRacing:

Rd 1: Oulton Park – 27 January
Rd 2: 
Laguna Seca – 3 February
Rd 3: Summit Point – 10 February
Rd 4:
 Lime Rock Park – 24 February

Screen to Speed Winter Cup – Gran Turismo 7:

Rd 1: Red Bull Ring – 28 January
Rd 2: 
Watkins Glen – 4 February
Rd 3: Monza – 11 February
Rd 4:
 Nürburgring – 18 February
Rd 5: Spa – 25 February
Rd 6: Bathurst – 3 March

Are you a woman and planning to race in the Screen to Speed Winter Cup? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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