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Sim Formula Europe 2024 Championship: Stage Is Set For Quarterfinals

The competition is heating up with the Sim Formula Europe 2024 Championship Quarterfinals: 60 sim racers fight to advance to the Semifinals – watch the Quarterfinal live on stream on December 14 at 8 pm CET!

Ahead of the fair in Maastricht from January 11 to 14, the Sim Formula Europe 2024 Championship sees drivers compete in three phases in rFactor 2. The best of them advance to the on-site final with a total of €10,000 in prize money on the line in the Super Final on January 13.

The Hotlap Challenge determined a pool of 60 drivers, who get to take part in the Quarterfinals in three 20-driver splits. And there are multiple familiar names from the esports racing world on the grid. Thibault Cazaubon (R8G Esports) and Michi Hoyer (Burst Esports) are just two examples – find the full grid below!

Sim Formula Europe 2024 Championship Quarterfinals: The Grid

Split 1

Thibault Cazaubon (France)

Collin Spork (Netherlands)

Gianmarco Fiduci (Italy)

Stan Vlietstra (Netherlands)

Jesper Eriksson Litzell (Sweden)

Martin Murguly (Hungary)

Jurica Slovinac (Croatia)

Yoann Kerjean (France)

Nikodem Wisniewski (Poland)

Sido Weijer (Netherlands)

Adam Zagyva (Hungary)

Michi Hoyer (Germany)

Wesley Boekhout (Netherlands)

Alex Lehoux (France)

Juan Cofino (Spain)

Stijn Handgraaf (Netherlands)

Maciej Kasprzyk (Poland)

Carl Markus Tammeveski (Estonia)

Constant van Ewijk (Netherlands)

Daan van Zutphen (Netherlands)

Split 2

Jernej Simoncic (Slovenia)

Petar Brljak (Croatia)

Remi Delorme (France)

Adam Pinczes (Hungary)

Marko Pejic (Croatia)

Diogo Silva (Portugal)

Jan von der Heyde (Germany)

Stijn Prins (Netherlands)

Carl-Magnus Borre (Sweden)

Dávid Kalocsai (Hungary)

Miguel Reyes (Spain)

Philipp Drays (Germany)

Nikolas Cibulka (Slovenia)

Lukas Mateja (Czechia)

Turkka Hakkinen (Finland)

Gijs Sonneveld (Netherlands)

Fabian Balle (Germany)

Nicolas Bouvier (France)

Alessandro Maggio (Italy)

Nicolas Lemoine (France)

Split 3

Isaac Gillissen (Netherlands)

Matej Jansta (Czechia)

Alessandro Ottaviani (Italy)

Rik van Aerle (Netherlands)

Joao Ascensao (Portugal)

Dawid Mroczek (Poland)

Zbigniew Siara (Poland)

Loic Meunier (France)

Gergő Baldi (Hungary)

Jules Neel (France)

Leonard Krippner (Germany)

Yannick Pleiss (Germany)

Tom Oldenmenger (Netherlands)

Vojta Polesny (Czechia)

Angel Banegas (Spain)

Bruno Gil (Portugal)

Jeroen Goudeseune (Belgium)

Tobias Hoffmann (Germany)

Dylan Klaver (Netherlands)

Laszlo Szanto (Hungary)

Porsche Cup at Bahrain’s Outer Loop

To advance to the Semifinal, drivers need to conquer the Bahrain Outer Loop in their Porsche GT3 Cup 992 in rFactor 2. The top 60 of the Zandvoort Hotlap Qualifier were randomly assigned one of the three splits. 20-minute races in each of them determine the 30 Semifinal participants, as the top 10 of each split advance.

There, it will not get any easier: Only the top 7 plus the reigning champion Damian Skowron will be invited to race on-site at the Maastricht expo. The first step after the Hotlap Qualifier needs to be taken in the Sim Formula Europe 2024 Championship Quarterfinals – who is going to advance? Tune in at 8 pm CET to find out!

Image credit: Sim Formula Europe

Sim Formula Europe 2024: January 11 – 14 in Maastricht

Sim Formula Europe 2024 takes place alongside Interclassics Maastricht at the MECC Forum Passage. At 3,000 square meters, exhibitors from all over the world show the latest in sim racing developments. 24 exhibitors have already been confirmed, as well as the event schedule.

For more info on Sim Formula Europe 2024, check out our overview article and make sure to also visit the official event site. See you in Maastricht!

Who are you rooting for in the Sim Formula Europe 2024 Quarterfinals? Are you going to be in Maastricht? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!

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