Sim Formula Europe 2024 Recap

Sim Formula Europe 2024 Recap: New Hardware, Competition & Sim Racing Fun

After four days in Maastricht, it is time for our Sim Formula Europe 2024 recap. Watch all the new hardware that was shown, what happened on stage and in the Super-Final, and what the OverTake booth was all about!

Sim Formula Europe 2024 was, first and foremost, one thing: fun! The exhibition space at the MECC Forum Plaza in Maastricht may have been on the smaller side, but that contributed to a familiar feeling. Meeting exhibitors and the community, but also people who were new to sim racing as they were walking by on their way to InterClassics, made the event a cracking time!

For the first time ever, OverTake had its own booth at any kind of exhibition. Our space was intended as a chill-out area of sorts, with seats, drinks, and – of course – simulators. For this purpose, we teamed up with Sim Lab, who provided the hardware for people to enjoy.

Sim Formula Europe 2024 Recap: New Hardware & Software

Of course, there was much more to Sim Formula Europe 2024. Multiple exhibitors presented new products, with the biggest range of new items coming from Trak Racer. The manufacturer showed pedals, wheels, shifters, a handbrake, plus two versions of their very own wheel base.

Meanwhile, Marcel Offermans’ The Last Garage project was present in a playable form. Naturally, we had to get behind the wheel ourselves – keep your eyes peeled for more about the sim racing platform on OverTake and RaceDepartment! Marcel himself offered more insight into The Last Garage as a speaker on the event’s Friday, too.

Additionally, we sat down with Jose Sebastian Gomez of Gomez Sim Industries, who showed their range of high-end wheels in Maastricht, having made the long trip from Dallas. Plus, we got to try further exciting hardware at Simucube, O-Rouge, Asetek Simsports, ReFerox, VGP and ImSim. Check our video for our impressions!

Competition was not amiss, either. On the Saturday of Sim Formula Europe 2024, it was time for the Super-Final powered by OverTake. Jernej Simončič took the esports tournament’s victory, as well as €3.000 and a GRID Engineering Porsche RSR steering wheel.

Jernej Simončič Wins Sim Formula Europe Super-Final 2024 02

Looking Forward To Next Year Already!

With InterClassics happening at the same time as the partner event, we just had to check out some of the incredible vehicles of the past. That included racing machinery as well, plus a surprisingly OverTake-teal-colored Chevrolet truck.

Put all of these aspects together and you get an event that has us already impatient for next year’s edition. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi!

What are your impressions of the event from our Sim Formula Europe 2024 recap? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!

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