iRacing celebrates 15 years with anniversary series, win 1000 credits
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Win 1000 iRacing Credits in the 15th Anniversary Series

This month, iRacing is hosting a special series for its 15th anniversary. Here’s how you can win 1000 in-game credits by simply competing.

Believe it or not, iRacing has been online for 15 years as of August 2023. Yes, the online racing service first launched on 26 August 2008. This was a time when things were far simpler and the ability to have intense competition with other racers online was rare.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the team behind the title is organising a month-long series in August. This special series focusing on the iRacing anniversary will see cars change each week with a total of four rounds to take part in. Take part in one race from each week and you will enter a raffle to win 1000 iRacing credits.

With cars costing around 13 in-game credits and tracks reaching the hefty price of 15, that is certainly not a prize to snub. It’s clear that these events will be some of the most popular throughout the month of August. So here are the best car-track combinations you’ll want to try out in the hopes of winning some cash.

Anniversary Solstice Challenge‚Äč

The first week of August sees the anniversary series put drivers back behind the wheel of an original iRacing car, the Pontiac Solstice. This car comes with a base iRacing subscription, as do all of the week’s tracks.

Solstice Challenge kicks off the iRacing anniversary series
Solstice Challenge kicks off the iRacing anniversary series – Image credit:

Each day, the circuit changes as the series starts at Summit Point before heading to Laguna Seca. It returns to Summit Point on 3 August, then heads to Charlotte, Lime Rock and VIR before finishing off at Tsukuba.

Some of the best racing to be had in this heavy model will certainly be at the Charlotte Roval. With many long straights, you won’t have to worry about too many tight corners dampening your mood. Furthermore, the slipstreaming possibilities will make for intense racing.

iRacing Legends Car Series

For week two of August (8-14), the anniversary series shines the spotlight on the Legends Car. This little hot rod is a versatile model that runs both on road courses and ovals. However, in this series, it focuses on the short oval side of the sport. This will be the perfect opportunity for road racers to test out the ovals in a competitive environment.

Once again, base content is the focus in week two with just Irwindale Speedway requiring an additional purchase. Day-by-day, the series will take drivers to Lanier National Speedway, Oxford Plains, South Boston, Langley, USA International, Concord Speedway and finally, Irwindale.

With high banking for a short oval, USA International is sure to be a fun event. This should provide the best chance for multi-lane racing for longer periods of time. Lanier is also a fun venue with a much flatter profile which will helps road racers feel more at home.

iRacing Anniversary Skippies

For week three, iRacing is rejuvenating the Skip Barber car which has recently dropped in popularity. However, everyone will want to give the car a go if it means entering the 1000-credit draw.

The little formula car is great on twisty circuits and thanks to good drag, it makes for dramatic slipstream racing. Therefore, the VIR and Summit Point races are sure to be the most fun. These take place on 16, 18, 21 August for the different VIR layouts and 20 August for Summit Point. Other events include Lime Rock, Laguna Seca and Charlotte Roval which will also be entertaining.

Late Model Week

The final week of the iRacing 15th anniversary series takes place in the Late Model Stock cars. Much like the Skip Barber, the Late Model is an additional car and will require a purchase. So if you have a new account, make sure to purchase it at the same time at the Skippy and a track in order to make the most of the 10% discount.

Once again, this is an oval-centric week starting out with USA International, South Boston and Concord Speedways on the 22, 23 and 24 of August. These are all free circuits so running here will be cheap. Stafford and Martinsville are additional circuits so it is best advised not to purchase them for this series alone.

The penultimate race is at Lanier and the series finishes at Irwindale which is certainly the best track to purchase for the series. Not only is it a cheaper venue, costing the same as a car, it is also used in two separate weeks of the series.

Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that running one race in each of the four weeks of the series is all you must do to enter the prize draw. Run a total of four races throughout the month of August and you could win 1000 iRacing credits.

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