Everything you need to know about DiRT 5

Everything you need to know about DiRT 5

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Codemasters will publish the fifth sequel of the DiRT main series in October 2020. The official trailer reveals the popular rally game’s new look and tone. Some of the tracks have already been teased in the official Codemasters blog. There is much on offer, such as different car types, customization and multiplayer options. Codemasters want to bring the next generation of extreme racing.

A “shining” future for a series that was never dusty

Dirt comes in different forms, texture and colors, but most will agree that it’s mostly not very pleasant to look at. Yet, the rally series DiRT and its spin-off Dirt Rally managed to pull of the stunt and make it look amazing. Nevertheless, the series mostly features brown, grey and mudgreen color gamuts.

What makes it an even bigger surprise that the new game DiRT 5 will become more colorful than ever before. The preliminary release date is October 2020.

Image Source: Codemasters

The announcement trailer shows races at circuits around the globe. Some of them even leave the woods and made up racetracks, putting the action on the frozen East River in New York City or into the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Dramatic daytime and weather changes included.

Picture data names of the official blog entry by Codemasters also hint to circuits in Norway and China. The soundtrack seems to be much quirkier than before, too. But, be asured: There WILL be a lot of dirt in the new game as well!

“DiRT 5 is the next generation of extreme racing”

The racing action itself looks more “over the top” than in other DiRT games as well. Buggies overtaking by jumping over their opponents make clear that realism has made a step back since Dirt Rally 2.0. This doesn’t apply to the content, though.

The official DiRT 5 website promises the “most iconic routes in the world” and “the widest roster of cars from rally icons, to trucks, to GT heroes and lots more”.

Image Source: Codemasters

The career mode will follow an elaborate narrative with voice actors such as Troy Baker and Nolan North. Also, we will be able to race against friends in a four-player split-screen mode or “innovative online modes”. Even the career mode can be played sideways with friends.

Codemasters finally announces a “livery editor and more new features” which climax in “the next generation of extreme racing”. DiRT 5 will be available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. There is also going to be a release for the next-gen platforms PS5, Xbox Series X and Stadia as well.

Image Source: Codemasters

No additional content for Dirt Rally 2.0

The main series of DiRT will consequently stick to its arcade roots in part 5. DIRT 5 will also replace the roadmap of Dirt Rally 2.0. The mud racing sim will not be provided with new content anymore. Challenges and Club mode will rotate as usual though.

The Flat Out-DLC, a tribute to rally legend Colin McRae who also was the patron of the early DiRT games, will therefore remain the last big expansion. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as Dirt Rally 2.0 is known as arguably the best rally sim out there.

Source: Codemasters

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