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ExoCross: Latest iRacing Venture Coming in Autumn


In 2021, iRacing bought out game developer, Orontes Games. Yesterday, the pair announced its first project, ExoCross would release to consoles and PC this autumn. Here’s all you need to know.

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In 2021, iRacing went on a studio buying spree, taking control of both Orontes Games and Monster Games. Whilst the latter has since released its World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing title to great success, the former’s project, DRAG Outer Zones has remained in a perpetual state of early access.

That all changes now as iRacing and Orontes Games came out with big news on the futuristic off-road racer yesterday. Getting a rebrand of sorts, it is now to be called ExoCross and will release on Steam as well as consoles in Autumn of 2023. Here’s all you need to know.

DRAG Becomes ExoCross

DRAG Outer Zones was initially a futuristic off-road racer released to Steam as an early access game in 2020. Its main selling point was its unique “4-Way Contact Patch Traction technology” physics model.

4CPT for short, it fully simulates key points in a car’s chassis and tyres to give a more realistic feeling of what the car is doing. It uses fully soft-body tyres to do this, something many fans hope will later make its way to the iRacing simulator.

ExoCross has whacky roads to race on
ExoCross has wacky roads to race on. Image Credit:

Despite gaining traction in the market and receiving mostly positive reviews, ExoCross has always been an early access title. But now, with both Orontes’ and iRacing‘s teams merging together on the project, it is approaching release. Not only will the game finally launch as a full title on Steam this Autumn. The developers have also successfully ported it to consoles. So it will release on PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series S/Series X.

In its early access state, the game consists of time trial events. Single player special events and multiplayer leader boards see players race against the clock. But in its full release, the title will reportedly feature full AI racing functionality. Race other off-roaders in quick races and championships on a variety of tracks. If iRacing‘s AI is anything to go by, it should provide fun racing upon full release.

When ExoCross releases to PC in Autumn, DRAG: Outer Zones early access members will get a free upgrade to the full game. So if the title interests you, it is a good idea to get your hands on the current version whilst you still can. As yet, full pricing is unknown for either Steam or consoles.

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