F1 2020: Codemasters updates driver ratings

F1 2020: Codemasters updates driver ratings

F1 2020 driver ratings changed after racers’ real-life performances in the latest F1 events.

Photo credit: Codemasters

In F1 2020, players are able to assemble their very own racing team in the ‘My Team’ mode. Racers available for this feature have an individual rating that is regularly adjusted according to their real-life performances in Formula 1. Codemasters have now published the latest updates on drivers’ ratings that have been determined after the Eifel Grand Prix from October 9 to 11.

Not only can drivers improve through rating updates, but also get downgraded. If a racer underperformed relative to their normal form, their in-game rating will also worsen. Codemasters lets the players individually decide whether or not they want the changes to apply in their game.

This is the complete list of the updated driver ratings after the Eifel Grand Prix:

list of the updated driver ratings
Photo credit: Formula 1 Game

Upgrade for Latifi, decreased rating for Albon

Rating changes in F1 2020 can be well illustrated by the examples of Nicholas Latifi and Alexander Albon.

Latifi has received the biggest increase in points this time with a bonus of seven points in his overall rating. This is due to several performances in Formula 1: He drove a solid race in the Italian Grand Prix albeit only finishing 11th. He placed ahead of his teammates of William’s Racing in several of the past events. He is therefore awarded with an increase in Experience, Racecraft, Awareness and Pace, resulting in an overall higher rating.

Nicholas Latifi
Photo credit: Formula 1 Game

By contrast, Red Bull Racing’s Albon is confronted with an overall decrease of his rating by two points. He has therefore fallen four points in the last two updates. On the bright side, he has gained two points in Experience with the latest adjustments.

Alexander Albon
Photo credit: Formula 1 Game

About the game

F1 2020 has been on the market since July 10 this year and is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well as the X series. Codemaster’s new title brought much innovation into the franchise with the latest game mode ‘My Team’, which allows players to create their own racing organization assembling real-life racers and key figures of the scene. Ever since its release, the game has been continuously updated and adjusted according to the players’ needs and real-life developments in the Formula 1 scene.

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