F1 2020 full feature list revealed

F1 2020 full feature list revealed

Codemasters revealed new features for F1 2020 and gave more insights into the My Team mode.

Photo credit: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

Codemasters released a trailer video which reveals the full feature list for F1 2020. The preview gives more insights into previously announced features and shows some new functions of the game as well.

More details on My Team

The clear highlight of the new F1 game is My Team where players can send their own team to the grid. They have to drive and manage their way to the top. The trailer shows us some more details from the game mode. For example, we get to see how the custom liveries look when applied to F1 cars and driver suits.

driver suits
Source: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

Split screen comes back

The video goes on with the presentation of the split screen mode. The classic racing game feature celebrates its comeback in F1 2020. The gameplay in the trailer promises hot multiplayer action.

Race in Formula 2

Formula 2 will once again be a part of the F1 game. At the start of your 10-year-career, you can choose between driving a short, full, or no F2 season at all.

Source: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

Adjust your season length

Players can further adjust the career mode to their preferences. People who don’t want to go for a full season in the career can shorten it to 16 or ten races and choose the tracks as they like.

Source: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

New Podium Pass to grant rewards

If you make it to the top three in a race, you can make use of the new Podium Pass. Weekly challenges will reward you with experience points. These can be used for special liveries, race suits or celebration animations.

celebration animations
Source: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

A VIP Podium Pass can be purchased with real money which will give you access to more precious rewards.

VIP Podium Pass
Source: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

New management system

There is much to manage between the race weekends in My Team and the classic driver career. Codemasters thus further developed the calendar and the contract system.

Source: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

Brand-new circuits to explore

Two new circuits find their way into F1 2020. Circuit of Zandvoort returns to Formula 1 after more than thirty years and will be playable for the first time in an F1 game. Another brand-new track is Hanoi, a challenging city circuit with two insanely long straights.

Race in classic cars

Players can not only take the 2020 cars to the new tracks, but also enter the cockpit of classic cars once again.

Source: Koch Media / Codemasters

Gameplay changes for beginners and advanced racers

Codemasters tweaked the gameplay and made some quality-of-life changes. The complex ERS system has been replaced by a simple overtake button. A virtual real-view mirror now allows you to watch the cars behind you.

A virtual real-view mirror
Source: YouTube / F1 Games from Codemasters

The game will also be way more beginner friendly. A new steering assist, less punishing off track surfaces and a reset button will help inexperienced racers around the circuits.

F1 2020 will hit the market on July 10.

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