F1 2020 Podium Pass Season 3 available now

F1 2020 Podium Pass Season 3 available now

Take your Formula 1 car for a ride and get some new liveries and emotes to flex when landing on the podium.

Photo credit: F1 2020

Hopping into a virtual cockpit and feeling like a Formula 1 star might be fun – but getting some free gifts while overtaking your opponents is even more exciting. F1 2020 started its third Podium Pass this Wednesday, November 18, where players can unlock various skins and emotes.

New rewards and liveries

Series three of the Podium Pass offers a range of new items, such as various helmets, gloves, suits and liveries for the cars. There are also two new podium emotes available to celebrate your impressive performance after a tough race.

Each Podium Pass season comes with two versions, a free tier and a VIP pass. The first one is available to all players for free, as the name suggests. The VIP pass has to be purchased with the in-game currency Pitcoins. What makes it VIP? It offers some exclusive items which can only be acquired with this pass.

‘Vents’ livery
The new ‘Vents’ livery that is available in the Podium Shop. Photo credit: Formula 1 Game

How to unlock the special items

To unlock the items, players must complete various challenges that can be found under the Career Mode in-game. Challenges range from negotiating new team contracts to finishing on the podium in three online races or winning two Grand Prix races as Lewis Hamilton. There are also special VIP challenges for those players who purchased the extra pass. Upon completing them successfully, players receive XP to unlock the rewards.

For more information, you can check out the homepage of F1 2020 The Official Game.

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