F1 2020 Podium Pass Series 4 out with new legendary items!

F1 2020 Podium Pass Series 4 out Now!

Another year, another Podium Pass. The rewards for the fourth series are available now.

Photo Credit: Koch Media

Series four of F1 2020‘s Podium Pass is upon us. Drivers will once again have the opportunity to collect points to gain rewards and items. Very colorful liveries and newly hyped podium emotes like the so-called ‘Podium Pointer’ or the ‘Joy Jump’ headline this season. Some legendary items like the ‘Pop Art’ livery will be available for those with enough in-game cash. A treat for everyone who is looking to up their ingame style.

The Podium Pass is F1 2020‘s take on a season pass with achievable goals. As you complete missions and earn XP, you can level up and either gain so-called ‘Pit Coin’, which allows players to purchase in-game items such as special liveries, extra ordinarily designed helmets, or racing gloves that complete your custom drivers attire.

Players have the choice to play the free version of the Podium Pass or get the VIP edition. With the VIP Podium Pass, every level holds extra items that can be unlocked.

In total, there are five types of items which can be earned with varying rarity, ranging from common items to uncommon, rare, epic, and even legendary ones in series four of the Podium Pass.


  • Common – 1
  • Epic – 1
  • Legendary – 1


  • Common – 2
  • Uncommon – 3
  • Rare – 1
  • Epic – 2
  • Legendary – 3


  • Common – 1
  • Uncommon – 2
  • Rare – 1
  • Epic – 2
  • Legendary – 1


  • Uncommon – 1
  • Rare – 3
  • Epic – 5
  • Legendary – 1

The further you go on with the Podium Pass, the higher the rewards will get. So if you keep grinding the missions you will be earning your legendary items in no time.

Additions to the Podium Shop and Challenges

As for every new series of the Podium Pass, the Podium shop includes many new items to reward those who grind towards a Pit Coin pile. Overall, 20 new legendary items up for sale. The unique shop items cannot solely earn those through the Podium Pass levels but rather by spending the in-game currency. However, Pit Coins can be earned with missions and level-ups so that a good grind will get you to every item in the game.

As the tradition says, challenges are also updated. The trailer promises all-new tasks coming to the game so that players can get excited about them. Previous passes included driving as a specific driver from the game in single-player, winning a race from start to finish while being on pole position, or achieving certain things in multiplayer, such as getting to the Gold rank. While the multiplayer grind seemed to be the hardest, Codemasters is yet to be specific about upcoming challenges. So keep an eye out for them!

The long-term “Series Challenges” offer by far the most XP once again. In previous passes, players needed to reach bigger goals to get to the reward. An example of that would be a successful contract negotiation in career mode.

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