New Podium Pass possibly brings last content to F1 2020

New Podium Pass Brings Last F1 2020 Content

Codemasters have just dropped series six of the Podium Pass for F1 2020. Here’s what’s included with the new pass!

Photo credit: Jacob Hancox / Codemasters

Series Six of the F1 2020 Podium Pass has just gone live, and it includes a whole host of cosmetics for players to enjoy. The new pass features 14 free rewards and 30 extra ones which players can purchase the VIP Pass to unlock. With F1 2021 just around the corner, this may well be the final Podium Pass for F1 2020. On top of the pass, there will also be new challenges and rotating shop items.

Free Content

Included for free with the new Podium Pass are: four helmets, three gloves, two emotes, a livery, a badge, a suit and 2,500 Pitcoins. These can all be obtained simply by gaining experience points in-game by completing laps and fulfilling certain challenges.

One of the helmets, the Linear, gives distinct Mika Häkkinen vibes, while the other three are a little more unorthodox in their design. The free livery, called the Split System, is a simple two blocks of solid colour separated by a thin accent line of a third colour. The final reward in the pass, available only for players who make it to level 30, is a rare pose called ‘Ripples’.

Premium Content

As for the 30 premium rewards, they are separated into the following. Nine liveries, five gloves, five suits, two helmets, two poses, two emotes, two badges and 7,500 Pitcoins. Among these are the legendary cheetah suit, complete with fur texture, the livery ‘Old School’ which features an image of an engine on top of the engine cover, and some Australian flag themed items.

The final reward available from the VIP area of the pass is the legendary livery ‘Light Speed’. This features lots of streaks of colour organised to look as though they are flying backwards along the car, giving a real sense of speed and movement to the livery.

If you make it all the way to the end of the pass and continue gaining experience points, you will unlock the prestige badges. These are hidden until you unlock them yourself, and each prestige level features two badges, one free and one premium. This will ensure that players don’t find themselves with nothing left to do once they have maxed out the first thirty levels of the pass.

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