F1 2020: The My Team revolution

F1 2020: The My Team revolution

F1 2020 starts off with a hype. A big part of it is the new game mode My Team, which moves the franchise in a new direction.

Image source: Codemasters

Create your own Formula 1 team and drive to the top! This is what Codemasters promises in the official description of their latest game, F1 2020, which was released on Friday, July 10. The new game mode “My Team” gives players the possibility to be more than just a driver.

You can design your own cars, build facilities, sign drivers and develop them. My Team might be just what the franchise needed.

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F1 2020 comes with the My Team hype

Since Codemasters announced the new game mode, the F1 community has been excited for the game to be released. It seems like a logical step for the developers: Why should there only be a driver career mode, when the Formula 1 is also about the teams and their decisions? It is comparable to the FIFA series, where many fans want to be managers rather than just players on the pitch in career mode.

Codemasters finally took a look at other sports games to improve the F1 series. Another indicator for this is the new driver rating system, which helps players to compare drivers in My Team and also provides important information such as contract and market value, adding more content and depth than ever before for players who enjoy singleplayer.



The creation of My Team turns out as a great decision made by Codemasters to satisfy the F1 fanbase and draw more attention towards F1 2020, making it more interesting to new players. There has been lots of positive fan feedback so far. Even some F1 esports racers such as Cedric Thomé enjoy My Team, although it is not too relevant for the esports scene.

There is still space for improvement regarding the features of the game mode, especially when it comes to interview situations, but its launch seems to be a huge success. Fans of the F1 series finally get the feature they have been wanting for years.

A revolution for the franchise?

Combining the Formula 1 licenses and the impressive graphics of the game with the management aspects of My Team is a step into a new direction for Codemasters. In order to improve the game mode every year, the developers need to add new details and features, if they want to keep it appealing. That being said, fans should not expect Codemasters to put the main focus on developing My Team in the future.

“It is first and foremost a racing game. That is always what we have set out to be. Now, Formula 1 is a racing game with a management element,” Lee Mather, franchise game director of the series, told us. Mathers makes it clear that the on-track experience will still be more important than the new features that My Team brings to the F1 franchise.


But even if My Team does not play the biggest part in the F1 series in the future, it can still be seen as a revolution for the franchise. The game is no longer just about driving in an F1 car on licensed tracks. Considering how popular the real Formula 1 world championship is, it is a logical consequence to develop the F1 games further around the mechanics of the real world competition.

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