F1 2020 brings crucial bugfixes in Patch 1.13

F1 2020 brings crucial bugfixes in Patch 1.13

Disconnection errors, start light bug and more are addressed in 1.13 update as Codemasters bring multiplayer fixes.

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After multiple in-game bugs reared their ugly heads in the F1 Esports Pro Series 2020, clamors for Codemasters to take action to fix several of F1 2020’s most pervasive problems have only intensified. The desynchronization issue which caused the massive crash between reigning world champion David Tonizza and current point leader Jarno Opmeer in the Canada race has not been addressed, but a fair few others problems have.

First and foremost, Codemasters have reported that “Changes have been made to reduce the chances of being disconnected from a game session.” FDA Hublot Esports Team fans will remember with a grimace the moment in the F1 Esports Chinese Grand Prix when both Tonizza and Enzo Bonito suddenly disconnected from the session. There is little more frustrating for a sim racer than being suddenly ejected from a race halfway through. As such, this is a very welcome change. It came too late for Tonizza though, who let off steam on Twitter after the event:

Another frequent issue, which caused the start lights to go out for the lobby host before anyone else, has also been fixed. This will be particularly good news for league racing organizers. Until now, they either had to risk the host getting an enormous jump start on the rest of the field or else ask for someone to host the lobby without competing in the race. With this update, this dilemma ought to be a thing of the past.

There are glad tidings for spectators and commentators as well! An issue which caused the lap counter to show the incorrect lap number after a formation lap has also been eradicated. Whether or not this will have the side-effect of stopping the timing tower from displaying nonsensical data for the opening few laps remains to be seen, however. While this bug was perhaps less critical than the first two, it occurred in almost every single race.

The fourth and final major bugfix comes in the form of a patch note which reads “Fixed an issue with users could get illegal overtake penalties under the safety car/VSC when giving a position back.” Penalties gained in safety car conditions have been rampant in F1 2020. While some of this is undoubtedly down to careless driving, this problem was complicating matters significantly.

Quality of Life Changes

In terms of additions to the game, two things stand out from the rest. For a start, the customizable car now features eleven different sponsor slots. This will certainly increase the creative freedom that players have over their own cars, and should go some way to preventing the issue of custom car liveries seeming relatively empty.

The other addition which is worthy of note is the fact that penalties will now be displayed on the HUD, both for drivers and spectators. Drivers will no longer have to rely on their race engineer to let them know whether their competitors have penalties. Furthermore, spectators will be kept guessing no more.

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