New F1 2021 Podium Pass Features Custom YouTuber Items

New F1 2021 Podium Pass Features Custom YouTuber Items

F1 2021’s fourth Podium Pass is now active. The previous pass featured designs made by F1 drivers, this time around there are designs created by three big content creators!

Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Another F1 2021 Podium Pass is now active, and just like when Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell added their own personalised items, Podium Pass 4 sees items created by three well known names, but this time they are content creators.

Just like the previous season with Ricciardo and Russell’s designs, you don’t have to purchase the VIP pass in order to have access to these items.

The three content creators whose items you can acquire are Aarav ‘Aarava’ Amin, Brian ‘Terroriser’ Hanby and Jack ‘Pieface’ McDermott. Perhaps the one known most to the majority of OverTake readers is Aarava, an F1 gaming YouTube creator who has amassed over 600,000 subscribers and is also a member of Lando Norris’ lifestyle brand and esports team Quadrant.

Aarava’s 2009 Inspiration

Amin’s design has been one he has used frequently in his My Team career mode videos on his YouTube channel. When speaking to Codemasters, he credited the inspiration for his livery to his favourite driver Jenson Button. More specifically, it was his 2009 F1 world championship winning Brawn with its white, black and fluroscent yellow that resonated with him, so it was only fitting Amin adopted a similar colour scheme.

You can unlock Aarava’s car livery immediately when you log into the game without even doing anything as it’s the first item in the Podium Pass. For the rest of the Aarava-themed items, you have to get up to Tier 7 for the driver suit, Tier 19 for the gloves and finally Tier 24 for the helmet.

A Touch of Class

Next up is Terroriser, who has just short of four million subscribers and is known for his more mainstream gaming content. He’s firmly aligned with other big content creators, the most prominently known being VanossGaming, where they and the rest of their friends play a variety of games like GTA Online, Minecraft, Among Us, VRChat, Garry’s Mod, Gartic Phone and more.

But Hanby has always had a love for racing and beginning in early 2020, he took up sim racing and even bought himself a $30,000 sim racing rig from Cool Performance (the sim company affiliated with Lando Norris). With it, he streamed the likes of F1 My Team career and also dabbled in iRacing, and he also commentated for one of Codemasters’ creator raceoffs last year.

Talking to Codemasters, Hanby credited the pre-season shakedown livery of the Alfa Romeo C38 which, appropriately enough, has the same colour scheme as his brand. You can unlock Terroriser’s car livery at Tier 5, his helmet at Tier 15, gloves at Tier 17 and driver suit at Tier 21.

A Bold Introduction

Last but not least, we have Pieface23 who is typically a FIFA YouTuber and has nearly 550,000 subscribers to his name. We saw Pieface racing in the Virtual Grand Prix events last year for Alfa Romeo alongside Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. He was the only competitor in those races competing using a controller and doing pretty well.

He also competed in a celebrity raceoff when F1 2021 had just launched, winning the first running of the event on the Silverstone circuit. You can unlock Pieface’s driver suit starting at Tier 3, the gloves at Tier 9, it’s a bit of a wait until you get to his next item which is the helmet at Tier 27 and finally at Tier 30 is his livery.

Tier 30 is his livery
Pieface along with Aarava and Terroriser-inspired items are available now on F1 2021 through Podium Pass Series 4. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Just like the last Podium Pass Series with Ricciardo and Russell’s liveries, the potential that having content creator’s items in the game brings is huge. We’ve seen a bunch of racing games adopt designs from content creators who play their game, and now the F1 games have finally joined in.

What else is there?

Other miscellaneous items in the Podium Pass Series 4 include the usual selection of post-race victory radio calls and podium emotes along with liveries, suits, helmets and gloves.

Another recent addition to the game was the ability to race your own custom car in Grand Prix mode with equal performance enabled. Doing this will also mean you have to pick a teammate, and you can select anyone who competed in Formula 2 in 2020 (with the exception of Mick Schumacher, Yuki Tsunoda and Nikita Mazepin, all of whom graduated to F1 for 2021).

You can also choose one of the seven My Team Legends if you bought the game with them available in My Team, or you can buy the Deluxe Upgrade Pack now to add them into the game. So you can load up a custom race and have the likes of Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Jenson Button, Alain Prost, Nico Rosberg, David Coulthard and Felipe Massa as your teammate.

Choose your teammate
Which legend will you be wanting as your teammate in Grand Prix mode? Image credit: Codemasters / EA

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