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F1 22 Crossplay Beta Starts Today

F1 22

The ability to play with people on different gaming platforms is coming soon, in the meantime there are F1 22 crossplay beta tests going on now that all players can participate in.

Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Before F1 22 was released, it was confirmed that for the first time in the history of the franchise, it would be possible to connect to players on other platforms. This means that a PlayStation gamer could find themselves in races with those on Xbox or PC. But, the functionality wasn’t implemented immediately.

From 5 August from 1pm CEST to 8 August at 1am CEST, as well as from 12 August from 1pm CEST and 15 August at 1am CEST, the first F1 22 crossplay tests are taking place. Anyone is able to take part, all that needs to be done to enable it is to go to the Game Options menu, into Settings and there will be an option to turn on cross-play.

After enabling cross-play, players are able to tab over to the Friends Hub from the main menu. Here they can accept friend requests and lobby invites from all platforms, with Social Race and Two-Player Career Mode being able to utilise the cross-play feature. Ranked Play won’t have this available just yet, that will come when cross-play is fully enabled.

When Will F1 22 Crossplay be Fully Available?

Nothing official has been stated by Codemasters or EA as to when cross-play will be fully implemented but if there’s no major hiccups in these beta tests, it may come sooner than we think.

According to a couple of insiders, EA have claimed off-the-record that the release date is still yet to be determined but it should be towards the end of August. Whether or not that’s the case or if there will be a pushback if they run into some issues remains unclear.

All PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC (Steam and EA Play/Origin) players can hop onto F1 22 now to take part in these cross-play beta tests.

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