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F1 22: Virtual Reality, Release Date and More

F1 22

The new teaser trailer may not have revealed much, but there is plenty of new F1 22 information out there.

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The brand new F1 game is just around the corner, coming on 1 July (or 28 June for those who purchase the Champions Edition). The new title will be the first game in the to have been developed by Codemasters under the watchful gaze of EA. The teaser showed next to nothing, but digging a bit deeper there’s plenty to get excited about!

But first and foremost, players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have no need to panic as F1 22 will be launching for the last generation consoles alongside the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

New F1 22 Details

After years of community outcries, the F1 games will finally support Virtual Reality. The PC version of the game will allow players to get into the cockpit and have a properly immersive experience using an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

In previous editions of the game, some content such as newer circuits were added part-way through the game’s life cycle. However, for F1 22 it seems that at least the new Miami International Autodrome will be part of the game on release.

There will also be an increase in race options such as a choice between cinematic and authentic style cameras during sessions including formation laps, safety cars and pitstops. Also new is the inclusion of F1 Sprint races. They may not be universally popular in the real world, but they are likely to lend themselves better to the game.

EA have also confirmed that the game will feature an all new handling model. The F1 games have been criticised very strongly from much of the online sim racing community for not being realistic enough, so perhaps this new handling model will make the game more enjoyable to this side of the racing game community without alienating the more typically casual player.

Players can also expect a feature in which the AI will be able to adapt to their skill, so hopefully that means no more trying to constantly play around with the AI difficulty level until being able to find the right one for each player.

New Gamemodes, Redesigned Tracks, My Team Changes

Another interesting addition is a feature that has been dubbed ‘F1 Life’. Players will be able to collect supercars, clothing and accessories to show off to others. More cosmetics might not be what fans had been clamouring for, but what will no doubt please many players are the updates to several in-game circuits.

Yes, that’s right. Barcelona, Yas Marina and the newly reconfigured Albert Park circuit that the drivers most recently raced at have all been updated to match their current real-life configurations.

Finally in the My Team career mode, players can decide whether they want to start off with a load of money or make things a bit more challenging for them by having less money. Newcomer mode will provide a budget equivalent to that of the smaller tailender teams like Haas, Challenger will be more of a midfield equivalent perhaps like Alfa Romeo, and Front Runner is quite self explanatory with a lot of money like Ferrari.

How to Pre-Order

There are two editions available to order, the Standard Edition comimg with the F1 22 New Era Content pack, the F1 Life Starter Pack and 5,000 PitCoin.

The Champions Edition however, features all that plus the limited-time Miami-themed Content pack, new My Team icons to have access to and hire as a teammate, 18,000 Pitcoin and if bought on PS4 or Xbox One, a free upgrade to the next gen consoles.

The Standard Edition will cost £49.99/€59.99 whereas the Champions Edition with the limited time Miami-themed Content pack will be an extra £20/€20. For further information on how to pre-order F1 22, head to the official announcement page.

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