F1 22 Preview | Gameplay, Career Mode & F1 Life

F1 22

Less than a month before its launch, we got our hands on a copy of F1 22. Here’s what to expect when the game launches 1 July.

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It’s no secret that the latest entry into the F1 gaming franchise by Codemasters is rife with intrigue both positive and negative. It is the first instalment to be developed with EA’s full control. It also features highly requested features like VR and, eventually, crossplay.

But are the concerns of having EA involved substantiated? Will the new game be a microtransaction fest? That’s what our very own Marvin Miller and ChampionJoe went to find out.

Living the F1 Life

The new F1 Life mode acts as a hub for the player-base. All taking place inside a high end luxury apartment, the new mode allows for customisable cosmetic items both in the apartment itself and also for the player character.

This includes clothing from major brands who have undoubtedly parted with some cash to be included. But the headline content that all the players will want to jump in to are the supercars, which are performance vehicles from the four major automotive brands in F1: Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin and Ferrari.

These high performance cars are unlocked with supercar tokens, which can be awarded to the player based on distance covered in-game. There’s also the new Pirelli Hot Laps feature which involves driving the supercars in challenges ranging from having as high an average speed as possible, a slalom, drifting and passing as many checkpoints as possible.

What Else is There in F1 22?

With the exception of being able to choose whether wanting to build from the tailend of the field or go straight into it as a frontrunning team, My Team remains relatively unchanged.

Instead of overhauling the system that we’ve come to know since 2020, instead it’s quality of life amendments. Such as the menus being simplified and the practice programs being more informative.

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Then of course, Virtual Reality. Our own ChampionJoe put that to the test, even if it made him sound like he had a blocked nose. All of this available in the video linked above.

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