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F1 22 Livery Update Brings New Bugs

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Throughout the F1 season, teams make minor tweaks to their car’s liveries and bring in performance modifications. So it only makes sense for the official game to follow suit.

Image credit: Codemasters / EA

After every F1 game is released, the team over at Codemasters and EA are always attempting to make it as up to date with the real life F1. As teams bring in performance modifications, the cars change. So, every year, Codemasters put out the Sports Update.

With the Sports Update, changes to vehicle geometry, bodywork, sponsors, and colours have been made, as well as updates to team attires, hospitality spaces, and garage looks throughout the F1 grid. This will bring them closer to their real-life counterparts for enhanced visual realism.

What has Changed?

For all new players hopping onto the game after the update, the Red Bull has a much richer and less muted blue. The HRC logo has also been replaced by the Honda logo despite Honda ceasing their partnership with Red Bull after the 2021 season.

McLaren also have had a big livery change, scrapping the majority of its blue on the livery for base carbon black. Also changing the Android sponsorship on its engine cover to Chrome, as well as adding additional sponsors.

There’s other minor modifications made to all the other cars, all of which can be viewed on the official announcement page on EA’s website.

Mika Hakkinen in OverTake-coloured racing suit on F1 22
Get Mika Häkkinen for a limited time in F1 22. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Also from 20 October, 1998 and 1999 F1 world champion Mika Häkkinen became available as an F1 My Team Icon for a limited time. To be able to claim him, go to the ‘Mail’ tab on the game’s UI and be quick! He’s only going to be there to claim until 7 November. If you don’t claim him before that, you won’t be able to hire him for your My Team career mode.

Speaking of My Team and other driver career modes, it’s now possible to add Portimão and Shanghai into the schedule. They both become available when deciding on the order for Season 2.

New Glitches Arise

As a result of changing a few of the car’s bodies, quite a few new graphical glitches have arisen. Some players are reporting cars missing elements, such as front wings and tyres.

There’s also the occasional missing helmet for some of the drivers, an issue which has been present since release.

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